"10GB Bonus" Starter Package

Extra 100GB and more when you purchase Bonus 10GB starter pack from activ and a smartphone, tablet, router or other SIM-enabled device at Sulpak, Alser, iPoint, Fora Trade, Mir BT, RKTel, MobilPlus or Evrika store!

Buy ‘Bonus 10GB’ starter pack and activate SIM-card to ejoy:

  • Welcome Bonus – 10GB for 30 days from application.
  • 10GB of Bonus Data for each top up from 1000 tg (excluding transaction fee) during 90 days from SIM activation (top ups made through the Mobile Help service will not count towards the customer’s eligibility for Bonus Data).
Special offers from Mobi music and Mobi TV, valid until 30.06.2017.


  • 10GB Bonus Data is valid for 30 days from application. With each Bonus Data renewal, any data remaining from the previous Bonus Data allowance will be added to the new Bonus Data and the validity of the rollover+new data will be 30 days from Bonus Data renewal. When Bonus Data/Welcome Bonus expires, any unused data will be lost.
  • Data allowance will not be available if it is applied while you are engaged in an active data session. We recommend that you close your current session (for that, disable Mobile Data in your device) and enable Mobile Data again after your data allowance has been applied.
  • The Mobile Help service will not be available to customers during 90 days from SIM activation.
  • Bonus Data/Welcome Bonus is not available while the customer is roaming.
  • Welcome Bonus is a one-time offer and provided for 1 SIM activation on one device only. Welcome Bonus is not provided for future SIM activations on the same device.

The following rules will apply when Welcome Bonus and Bonus Data are used with other services:

  • When used with the One Year of Internet+, Mobile Internet+, Internet+, Bonus Internet or Online service, data that expires first will be used up first. When data allowance form both the service and Bonus Data are used up, further usage will be billed in accordance with the combinability terms for the service and Tariff. 

To check data balance, dial *111*3#.

Once Welcome Bonus / Bonus Data are used up, further data usage will be billed based on standard data rates for your tariff.

You can purchase a ‘Bonus 10GB’ starter pack alone (without purchasing a mobile device) for 9000tg at any of the above stores (Sulpak, Alser, iPoint, Fora Trade, Mir BT, RKTel, Evrika, MobilPlus).

‘Bonus 10GB’ starter packs come with Active Boom+ or Week as default tariff.

You can change your tariff at any time online through your Personal account or via USSD. In this case, you will not be eligible for future Bonus Data under the Tariff. Bonus Data from previous bill cycle will be valid for the remainder of its validity period (30 days from application).