Win a laptop!

From 15.06.2017 till 31.12.2017 activity “Win a laptop!” is held for Subscribers under the conditions, defined by the Rules of the activity.

The Rules

MobiTV «Starter» in Comfort and Comfort+ tariffs

For Comfort XS+,S+.M+,L+ and Comfort L,XL tariffs promo campaign is ended 31.08.2018, due to tariff details.

590 tg monthly tariff fee will not be collected during 30 days from starter pack with pre-installed ‘Conversation+’ tariff activation, regardless whether the Subscriber had balance or not. The system will attempt to charge a Subscriber the tariff fee on the 31st day from SP activation.

If during 30 days from SP activation Subscribers have at least 200 tenge (including 200 initial tenge) in their account, they will have access to the bonus allowance, including free onnet voice/video calls. If Subscribers have less than 200 tenge in their account, bonus allowance will not be provided and onnet voice/video calls will be charged based on the rates applicable when the Tariff fee is not paid.

Bonus allowance is valid for 30 days, unless the Subscriber has switched tariffs prior to the expiration of this term. In this case, bonus allowance will be cancelled.

Valid till 31 December 2017.

Additional night data pack

Package is available for activation until 31 January 2018.

NDP can be activated provided only the Tariff fee had been paid.

The full amount of NDP activation charge is deducted upon its activation. NDP will not be activated if Subscribers have too low balance to cover the activation charge.

NDP is valid for 30 days from activation (until 24:00 of the 30th day, Astana time).

Only one NDP can be activated at a time. New NDP cannot be activated until the current one has expired (30 days), even if it is already used up.

If Subscribers have data allowance from both the Tariff and NDP, then (during 01:00-05:59:59 period) data allowance from NDP will take priority, even if data allowance from the Tariff has a shorter validity period and expires first.

When data from NDP is used up, standard data rates for the Tariff or an add-on service that comes with inclusive data allowance and is active on subscriber’s account will apply, subject to the combinability rules.

Unused data allowance from NDP is lost when NDP expires or in case of termination of the mobile services contract.

When Subscribers migrate to another tariff, any remaining NDP allowance will be available for use through the end of its validity period. New NDP will not be available for activation.

Combinability rules

NDP is not available for activation when subscribers have Unlimited Internet, One Year / Half Year / Quarterly Internet or other services that come with unlimited speed cap data allowance active on their account. If NDP was purchased prior to activation any of the above services, data from NDP will not be available to the Subscribers until they opt out of the service.

NDP can be activated along with One Year Internet+, Online, Mobile Internet+, Internet+ and Bonus Internet data services. In this case, data that expires first will be used up first. When data from both the NDP and the service runs out, data usage will be billed based on the Tariff-data service combinability rules.

NDP can be activated along with the ‘Light Internet’ add-on service, in which case data allowance from NDP will take priority.

The Night pack can be activated along with ‘Unlimited Nighttime Internet’ service, in which case the service fee will be collected and data allowance available in accordance with its terms, i.e. between 01:00 and 09:00, Astana time, the data allowance of the Night pack will be unavailable. In case if the service fee of «Nighttime unlimited internet» is not collected successfully, then the data allowance of the Night pack will be available between 01:00 and 05:59, Astana time.

In case if Subscriber changes the «Comfort» tariffs with provided traffic of Night package to another tariff that comes with inclusive data allowance, then data which expires first will be used up first.

Pack Price, tenge, incl. VAT Validity Available Command for pack activation Balance check
10GB 190 tenge 30 days 01:00-05:59:59 (Astana time) *734#OK *111*3#OK

60 minutes per 60 tenge

Planning to have a long conversation? Do you need to make urgent calls? Do you want to have a calls without price thought? We would like to introduce you a new attractive from activ - 60 minutes per 60 tenge!


Please send key word 60 to service number 1147.

Package cost is 60 tenge, this amount will be charged after key word sending in case of enough balance.

Validity period of the package is 60 minutes from the activation time.


  1. Package is available for all tariff plans of activ subscribers.
  2. Package can be activated at any time of the day.
  3. Onnet package is given for 60 min per 60 tenge.
  4. SMS message of the Operator about the activation is to be considered as the confirmation of pack activation.
  5. Onnet package can be used for activ/Kcell voice calls. It's not valid for roaming and international calls.
  6. There are unlimited number of purchased packages.
  7. The pack is not recommended for those who are using a tariff or additional service with included free calls on activ/Kcell network, as in this case the voice allowance included in the pack will not be used. If the subscriber gets additional call tenge/bonuses (bonus on calls, SMS and data) under additional service, the call tenge/bonuses with shorter validity period will be used first. If they have the same validity period, bonuses will be used first followed by call tenge.

Active till 5th of September 2016.

500 minutes for 500 tenge


  1. Package includes 500 minutes for on-net activ/Kcell calls.
  2. Package is available for activ subscribers.
  3. Package term – 7 days of activation.
  4. You may subscribe to the unlimited number of packages. When connecting more than one package, the term of package validity is queued, i.e. the second and subsequent packages may be used upon their expiry or consuming of minutes of the previous package.
  5. Package is not available in roaming.
  6. Not available for subscribers of tariff plans Unlimited-24, All in one L, All in one 49, All for all, All for all +, Pysyk, for subscribers who have signed the agreements for purchase of phones, providing for the unlim on-net communication.
  7. For subscribers living in the western regions within the time zone that is different from Astana, the package is activated by Astana time (in an hour after sending the activation code).


Activation of the Service is closed from 22.12.2017.