‘5GB Bonus’ Starter Package

This is to inform you that the ‘Free access to VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki on Bonus 5GB starter pack’ special offer expires on 03.08.18. Starting 03.08.18, free access to VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki on Bonus 5GB starter pack will only be provided for 30 days from activation, then standard data rates for your tariff will apply.

Enjoy bonus packs from Activ for the purchase of smartphone or tablet in Alser, Sulpak, iPoint, "Эврика", "Fora Trade", "Мир БТ", "RKTel" and "Белый Ветер" stores

The bonus pack from activ includes:

  • Starter pack ‘Bonus 5GB’ with activ SIM
  • 5GB Welcome bonus for 30 days from activation
  • Non-chargeable access to the mobile versions of VKontakte and Facebook social media
  • 2 months of free onnet calls
  • +200 promotional calling tenge for onnet calls*

The starter pack comes with Activ 7 as default tariff or any other regional tariff** available for the given region (Tariff).

Bonus packs can be purchased separately in Alser, Sulpak, "Эврика", iPoint stores for 5000 tg.

To activate activ SIM and the tariff, call *110#; to check your main and bonus balance, call *111*3#.

Bonus terms:

1) Welcome Bonus is provided for activation on 1 promotional SIM card on one device. No Welcome Bonus will be provided for subsequent activation of SIM cards on the same device. Bonus is valid for 30 days from activation.

2) Free access to the mobile versions of Vkontakte and Facebook only. Using video/audio content and VoIP will be charged as per the Tariff rates. Traffic on the above social media sites through third party resources, such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc. will be charged as per the Tariff rates. Non-chargeable access is not provided via data compression browser, such as Opera Mini, Nokia Browser, UCWeb Browser and Internet Explorer Mobile.

3) When SIM card is activated before 31.12.2016, subscribers will during 7 days from activation be able to make free onnet calls. Upon the expiration of this 7-day’ term, free onnet calls will be available during the next 60 days, provided only subscribers have 100 tenge or more in their account. Otherwise, onnet calls will be billed as per the standard calling rates for the Tariff.

*+200 promotional calling tenge for making onnet calls provided with 200 and more tenge top up. Subsequent promotional calling tenge will be provided with each 200+ tenge top up provided at least 7 have passed since the previous topup. Promotional calling tenge are valid for 30 days form application. Promotional calling tenge are provided during 12 months from SP activation; however, the total amount of promotional calling tenge may not exceed 5000. Promotional calling tenge are not available while roaming. Balance received through Mobile Help, Extra Balance, Auto Extra Balance and Pay For Me services will not be considered as a topup for the purpose of this promotion.

** List of regional tariffs can be found on www.activ.kz, Tariffs – Regional section

- If the Subscriber is using any of the following services (Service): One Year Internet+, Mobile Internet+, Internet+, Bonus Internet, Full Contact, Data Packs – data allowance that expire first will be used up first. When data from both Welcome Bonus and Service is used up, the combinability rules for the Service and Tariff will apply.

- If the Subscriber is using any of the following services (Service): Unlimited Internet, One Year Internet, Half Year Internet, Quarterly Internet – Welcome bonus will only become available when the Subscriber stops using the Service.

- If the Subscriber is using Light Internet service, Welcome bonus will be used up first and then data usage will be billed as per the terms of the Light Internet service.

- If the Subscriber is using Unlimited Nighttime Internet service, the service fee will be collected and data allowance provided and used in accordance with its standard terms (01:00 to 09:00, Nur-Sultan time). For the rest of the time, the Welcome bonus will be consumed (provided the Subscriber has access to it).

- If the Subscriber is using Video Service, data provided under this service will be used up when subscribers access Video hostings.

- If Tariff is activated along with other add-on services that come with inclusive on-net calls, the Tariff/service fee will be collected in accordance with its standard terms, and 0 tg/min rate will only apply when the Subscriber has no access to Bonus Calls (subject to payment of the tariff/service fee).