Useful commands

We have selected for you the most popular USSD-inquiries and presented them in the form of convenient tables*.

Service Command
Your number *114#OK(free)
Language of SMS from Operator *000#OKand select kazakh, russian or english language (free)
Tariff plan check *166*2#OK(free)
Tariff plans info *166*3#OK(free)
Tariff plan change *166*1#OK(free)
“Tariff Re-activation” on Jańa, Super Comfort, Comfort+, Week+, Comfort, Active+, Active tariffs *167#OK
Balance check *111#OKor with text bal to100 (free)
Balance and bonuses check *111*3#OK(free)
SIM-card check on 4G/LTE support *256#(OKfree)
To check number registration status


To register device or change/remove registration


Additional data packages for 30 days *888*3#OK
«Online» (monthly internet packages)  *444*9#OK
Internet + (daily internet packages) *444*1#OK
Yearly Internet+ *444*8#OK
Roaming: checking, activation *145#OK
Mobile help (request) *141#OK(service fee from 30tg. charged from the balance transferred)
Mobile help (sending) *143#OK(service fee from 30tg. charged from the balance transferred)
Auto Extra Balance *911*4#OK(get virtual sum from 250tg. automatically whenever your balance reached the threshold of 100 tenge or less, service fee from 25tg. for every received extra-balance)
Extra Balance *911*1#OK(virtual sum from 250tg. on request, service fee from 25tg. )
Extra Megabyte *912*3#ОК (It is possible to get a loan for 5 days: 100 MB for 199 tenge, 250 MB for 399 tenge, 500 MB for 499 tenge, 1 GB for 699 tenge and 2 GB for 999 tenge)
Live Balance on mobile phone screen *121#OK(subscriber fee 99 tg/month)
Collect Call Dial the number of called subscriber *133*87ХХХХХХХХХ# and follow the prompts (free — for caller, 15 tenge per minute — for called party)
Call Me Dial the number of the person you want
to call you *130*8ХХХХХХХХХХ#OK(free)
Call Filter "*155#OK – Incoming Call Filter (subscriber fee — 10 tenge per day)
*156#OK – Outgoing Call Filter (subscriber fee — 10 tenge per day)
Hidden caller identifcation *700#OK(subscriber fee 19tg/day)
Simfonia and My Own Simfonia, music instead of beeps Call 2010 (calling - free)
Internet Portal
*225#OK- Service portal (Dating, Fitness, Soccer, Music);
*223#OK- text-based subscriptions;
*453#OK- mobile clubs
Infopark *123#OK

* Provision of some particular services may take place based on certain conditions. If for any reasons no command may be made, we recommend getting to know the detailed conditions of provision of the service; in case of any additional questions you may address to a online consultant.