24th May 2012

“The Best Resume” Promo!

Now by calling the Flirtomania service at 2030 you can not only meet a new friend but win 5000 tenge worth of mobile balance as well!

Record your resume and get automatically entered into our prize draw to win 5000tg! Tell us an exciting story about yourself! The most creative resume will be determined based on how many responses it received. The winners are those subscribers who have received the largest response from other unique 2030 portal users in one calendar week.

Promotion runs from 24 May 2012 through to 1 July 2012.

To join this Promotion, call 2030 and record your free-form resume.

Those of you who have submitted resumes before May 24 will also be participating in this Promotion and get the chance to win our prize.

Our prize fund amounts to 30 000 tenge.

The winner of the week will get 5000 tenge.

All in all, 6 winners will be selected, i.e. one winner each week. The first winner will be selected between 24.05.2012 and 27.05.2012. Please, note that you can win only once in this Promotion.

A per-minute charge for calling 2030 is 30 tenge (including VAT). There is no charge to receive SMS sent within the scope of this Promotion.


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