8th June 2012

Sport of the Day quiz!

Inspired by major sporting events coming this summer, we are running the Sport of the Day quiz!

Learn English sport vocabulary and win a Ipad-3!

Quiz will be run from 8 June 2012 through to 15 September 2012. 

To take the Quiz, you need to subscribe to the ‘Sports’ level of the ‘Phrase of the day’ service anytime during this period and stay subscribed till 9 September 2012. To subscribe, text Sport to 1515 short code.

Once subscribed, you will start receiving a new English word and its definition each day. The new vocabulary is dedicated to the sporting events of summer 2012, including Euro-2012, Olympic and Paralympics Games and many other.

To win a prize you must give correct answers to the Quiz questions. Please, mind that there is no second chance to get your answer right!

Quiz prizes include three Ipad-3 tabs (prizes are provided by the British Council, our Quiz partner).

This is a subscription based service with 7 tenge daily charge. Taking this Quiz will be free of charge from 10 to 15 September.

To unsubscribe from ‘Sports’, text Stop Sport to 1515 short code. To unsubscribe from ‘Phrase of the Day’, text Stop all to 1515.

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