19th September 2012

Quiz “Embody logic!”

You are invited to take part in the quiz “Embody logic!”. You should understand the principle, pursuant to which there were selected the words or figures in the task and chose the needless variant in each logic chain! The most quick-witted and brightest will win! Prizes are drawn daily!

Action term: 19 September 2012 through 2 October 2012.

To take part in the USSD-quiz you need to call to number *910#ph. In response you will receive an SMS, describing questions as well as a USSD answer with the first question. You need to answer 20 questions, getting one score for each correct answer. Task – you should spend the less time to answer the quiz questions.

42 winners will be defined in total – 3 winners based on the results of each calendar day of the Promo Action.


1st place – 30000 tenge

2nd place and 3rd place – 10000 tenge

Game management commands:

*910*00#ph - reset to zero

*910*10#ph - your best result

*910*20#ph - prize info

*910*30#ph - best current result details


The cost of one inquiry to short number *910#ph, starting with the second makes 40 tenge, VAT inclusive. Each first inquiry for free. The inquiry shall be each step of a Subscriber in the USSD-session. Incoming SMS at no charge.

Rules are available on site:


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