Simfonia and My Own Simfonia Free Ringback Tones for 15 days

From 08.04.2013 to 23.04.2013, you can activate TOP ringback tones for Simfonia or My Own Simfonia services for 15 days FREE. 


You can activate ring back tones in Free Hits for 15 days section on our website at, or make a free call to 2010 and press on #. Free of charge period for activated ring back tones is 15 days from the moment of ring back tone activation, after this period you will be charged a 125 tenge monthly fee to use the RBT selected until you unsubscribe. 3 days before charging for the ring back tone, you will be notified via SMS on the exact date when the fee will be deducted from your account.

You can unsubscribe from RBT via your Personal Profile on, or you can make a free call to Simfonia’s portal at 2010 and press 7. 

Daily fee for using Simfonia service is 4 tenge. Daily fee for using My Own Simfonia service is 4 tenge.