Everyone can make contribution into 1945

Kcell has entered a short number 1945 and launched charitable online marathon Everlasting Regiment by hashtag #kcellzhenys70 with the aim of fund-raising for veterans of the Great Patriotic War II jointly with Zhenys republican social project. None of the heroes is forgotten. Nothing in this war is forgotten.

Seventy years ago our forefathers granted peaceful skies for us and present days in a sovereign state. Each of us can also make his or her contribution into that victory by sending SMS to short number 1945.

All subscribers of Kcell and activ can send a message to the short number. Cost of the SMS is 250 tenge. All raise money will be given to Organization of Veterans of the Republic of Kazakhstan RPO and sent for housing repair and improvements of the veterans, payment of their treatment and provision of medicines, payment of community charges, purchase of household items, performance of public events by the veterans organizations.

You may give a hand not only by yourself, but you may also call your friends and acquaintances to do the same. There is a marathon by hashtag #kcellzhenys70 on Facebook and Instagram. Here everyone can congratulate kazakhstani people with the victory and make congratulation on video and fundraising for the veterans in sincere appreciation.

"Victory Day is the greatest holiday. The veterans are examples of courage, love of the country and spirit. We want our kazakhstani people to be able to congratulate the participants of the Great Patriotic War II and have an opportunity to help them by sending SMS to short number 1945. They fought that we could be happy. Therefore let's be together and grant happy lives for true heroes of the country", - said the Chief Executive Officer of Kcell JSC, Arti Ots.