Where, where? "HIT+" tariff only for Karagandy

"HIT +" new tariff plan for activ subscribers has been activated in Karagandy city and Karagandy region. The tariff has a range of advantages for both ones who likes to speak on the mobile phone and ones who tries to be online!

For monthly subscription fee of 1 450 tenge the subscriber of activ each month can make calls on-net of activ and Kcell for 0 tenge within 24 hours and monthly gets 130 minutes on nets of other Kazakhstan mobile line carriers and can use 1 GB of the Internet for whole 30 days!

The main condition to use all the advantages of the tariff is to pay subscription fee on time and to be within Karagandy region.

It is simple to activate "HIT +" tariff – with the means of mobile telephone it is necessary to call *166*1*23#  or send SMS with text 23 to 166 number. Activation is free. But subscription fee at the amount of 1 450 tenge is charged off for activation of the tariff plan.

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