Birthday of Kcell

On the 30-th of September Kcell Company has reached 17 years of working. For a young country, what Kazakhstan is, it is enough short period. But for a cellular communication operator in any world country it is sufficiently great age. All this time, we are and remain a long-term investor at the Kazakhstan mobile market, which establishes and affects its development. We have been born, grew and succeeded in Kazakhstan as a company with the successful history. Excellent work of each member of our large united family provides Kcell with leading positions at the Kazakhstan cellular communication market.

For all these years, we together with our partners are achieving step by step all our goals; and in our 17 anniversary, we can speak with considerable confidence about excellent results which satisfy both us and our clients. Today, our communication is chosen by more than 10 mln Kazakhstan citizens, i.e. by the most part of our country citizens. We have built the large and high-quality network which covers approximately everywhere – 15 377 137 persons, i.e. 96% of the country population, have access to mobile communication of our company. Now, Kcell works in order to provide the rural areas with communication. We have already provided access to our network for all villages with population of over one thousand persons throughout the country. And now the company works to provide communication for smaller residential settlements with population of under 500 persons, and 86% of such villages have already voice communication.

The main focus of our company is our subscribers. We thank each our subscriber for trust and choice of our communication, and we will do everything to remain the mostly preferred communication operator for them.