Change in the logic of Automatic Callback and Missed Call Notification services

Dear subscriber! Starting 1 June 2016, the terms of ‘Automatic Callback’ and ‘Missed Call Notification’ services will change as follows:

- Provided the ‘Automatic Callback’ service is enabled and the caller does not want to use it, the called person (if he/she becomes available within the next 30 minutes to accept calls) will see a ‘missed call + caller ID’ message from the Automatic Callback service platform. If the called person becomes available after 30 minutes or more, he/she will received a missed call sms notification.

- If the ‘Missed Call Notification’ service is enabled, the called will be first offered to use the ‘Automatic Callback’ service. If the caller opts in and later get automatically connected to the called person using this service, the called person will not receive a missed call notification.