Closing of the subscription to the tariff plans

Dear subscribers!

This is to inform you, that subscription to the following tariffs will be closed effective on 01.07.2016:

  • All for All
  • All for All Start
  • All for All+
  • All in one 49
  • All in one L
  • All in one M
  • All in one S
  • Call
  • First Eastern
  • Good All Around
  • Hit+
  • Kostanaiskiy
  • Kyzylordinskiy +
  • Maximum
  • Petropavlovskiy
  • Priirtyshye
  • Pysyk+
  • Time to Talk-2
  • Uralskiy

For the subscribers, who have already activated these tariffs until 1st of June nothing changes – they will will be able to stay on it even after these date.