Kcell and activ virtual consultants can be found now in Telegram

Kcell has made another improvement of the intelligent customer service system. Now virtual robotы consultants Zhanna and Kamila answer the questions of Kcell and activ subscribers not only on official websites and, but also in Telegram messenger.

In order to put questions to Zhanna and Kamila there should be taken a few steps:

  1. to find virtual consultants in the section “Contacts” of Telegram messenger by name @ActivKcellBot;
  2. to press “Start”;
  3. to type in the text field /kcell or /activ and click on “Send”;
  4. to ask questions of concernment.


Virtual consultants answer questions about the services, promotions, Kcell, activ tariff rates. When handling the request associated with the mobile communication quality, or if a subscriber requires finding information on website,, the consultants coordinate further actions of subscribers and provide a direct link to a specific page on the site.

Consultants do not respond to questions related to the provision of confidential user information that is to the personal questions, such as, “What is my balance?” or “What is my tariff rate?”, but provide information on how to obtain such data.

It should be noted that virtual robot consultants are asked by Kcell and activ subscribers, mainly interested in such services as the mobile Internet, mobile communication payment methods, roaming - they account for about 60% of questions. The activ subscribers are more interested in tariff rates than the Kcell users - 35% against 15% of requests. However, Kcell subscribers ask more questions about Kcell - 20% to compare with activ, from which the virtual consultants receive only 10% inquiries about the company's activities.

For information:

Telegram – is a free, cross-platform messenger for smartphones and other devices that allows exchanging the text messages and media files of various formats.