Viral messages sent via WhatsApp and Viber apps

Kcell JSC warns its customers of viral messages sent via WhatsApp and Viber apps

The app users have recently started to get messages advertising some third-party applications that promise free access to the Internet. The aim is to prompt you to download a malicious application or visit a malicious webpage by clicking the link contained therein. It is not uncommon that app users may get seduced by false information about extremely cheap deals and stuff like that, and end up clicking the viral link or even sharing it with their friends.

By clicking the link, you may wind up with:

- an unsolicited subscription

- your smartphone being infected by malicious software that will automatically send your private data to a remote server, etc.

Kcell JSC urges its customers to remain vigilant and follow these simple rules:

- if you are offered an unusually cheap deal, etc. use other sources to double-check the information

- install antivirus software on your smartphone and make sure you always have the latest version

- do not click links in messages that come from unknown senders; if they come from someone you know, contact him/her for more information before using that link.