First month of Digital Life: the whole family at one desk

New season of the Digital Life project started a month ago. The project is implemented in Kazakhstan upon initiative of the Kcell company in cooperation with the agency. 

Only grandmothers came to the Apashki, atashki and smartphone course this year in Shymkent. Valida Kariyeva, the oldest participant of the course, who celebrated her 80th anniversary, appeared to be the most advanced. Due to the great love for music, except for messengers and social networks, pensioner installed music services and applications for herself. 

The interesting fact is that people are enrolled for the courses on mobile literacy by whole families. For example, daughter-in-law, mother-in-law and co-mother-in-law were at one desk. When 50-year-old Galina Kochkina saw an announcement about the courses, she called her mother and mother-in-law with her. The first thing they did after studying the messengers, was creation of the common group, called Rodnye, in WhatsApp. Another example of family training was in Kostanay. Nina Nikolayevna and Peter Timofeyevich Pirnyak have already learned how to work at the computer. At the courses, except social networks, messengers and photos, husband wife were interested in the Internet-payments. “There are so many possibilities, so it is a shame to waste your time in queues in the utilities payment points,” says Nina Nikolayevna, sending the first in her life utility payment by means of smartphone. 

In Kostanay more than 30 requests were received in total by the group for the Atashki, apashki and smartphone courses. Volunteers also helped adult trainers this year. 

Besides that, season of the Mobile safety training began. In the new program great attention is paid to the settings of safe connection in smartphones, which allow protecting children from illegal content. The Digital Life team was invited to the regional meeting of parents in Aktobe. Almost 40 people took part there in the training.  

The third season of the Digital Life project is just beginning; more than 60 educational events are planned at all regional centers of Kazakhstan. It is worth noting that all master classes and courses are free of charge. 

In total more than 6.2 thousand people from 16 cities of Kazakhstan took part in the project for two years. 230 free master classes were conducted on such themes as mobile media, mobile safety, mobile education, mobile state, mobile business, etc.