Now even more comfort with unlimited access to Youtube, Instagram, WhatsApp!

It becomes really comfortable with unlimited traffic! This is why we have decided to bring our Unlimited Comfort offer for customers on Comfort S+, Comfort M+ and Comfort L+ tariffs. From 28.06.18 to 01.10.2018 you get unlimited access to Youtube, Instagram and WhatsApp!

Unlimited access is provided:

  • upon payment of the tariff fee
  • if you have your inclusive data allowance from the tariff (it should be more than 0KB after deducting the reserved data)
  • when you use the latest versions of the apps for iOS and Android.

To enjoy unlimited access, dial *812# and wait for the sms confirming activation of the Unlimited Comfort special offer, restart your phone for the changes to go live in your phone.  

Switch to Comfort S+, Comfort M+ and Comfort L+ tariffs to enjoy unlimited access. Find out more here.

Unlimited Comfort conditions:

  1. Offer is valid from 28.06.18 to 01.10.2018.
    2. No other applications are covered by this offer.
  2. Unlimited Comfort does not cover:
  • voice calls through WhatsApp
  • use of browsers
  • receiving push-notifications
  • automatic software updates
  • other applications running in the background
  • downloading apps from Google Play, App Store
  • using the private view mode
  • using the phone as modem
  • VPN-channels, proxy servers
  • InstagramStories, IGTV
  • online broadcasts
  • not using the latest versions of applications.
  1. Offer is deactivated when customer changes his tariff (Comfort S+, Comfort M+ and Comfort L+).
  2. Offer is not available while roaming.