Pay your single cumulative payment with your activ airtime

With support of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kcell JSC provides the activ subscribers with an opportunity to pay their single cumulative payment (SCP) with their mobile airtime.

In 2019, SCP for the residents residing in capitals and large cities of Kazakhstan is 1 MCI, or 2525 tenge. For the residents in small townships/settlements, SCP is 0.5 MCI, or 1 263 tenge:

  1. To pay SCP, send a text to 5505 as shown below:
  • Kalaesp 123456789012
  • Aulesp 123456789012

where: Kalaesp or Aulesp — identifier, 123456789012 — IIN.

You can also any of the below texts as your identifier:

  • cities — gorodesp, Gorod_esp, Gorod-esp, gorod_esp, gorod-esp, Gorodesp, Город_есп, Город-есп, город_есп, город-есп, городесп, Городесп, Кала_есп, Кала-есп, Калаесп, кала_есп, кала-есп, калаесп, Kala_esp, Kala-esp, kala_esp, kala-esp, kalaesp;
  • townships/settlements — seloesp, Selo_esp, Selo-esp, selo_esp, selo-esp, Seloesp, Село_есп, Село-есп, село_есп, село-есп, селоесп, Селоесп, Aul_esp, Aul-esp, Aulesp, aul_esp, aul-esp, aulesp, Аул_есп, Аул-есп, Аулесп, аул_есп, аул-есп, аулесп;
  1. You will receive a SMS from 5505 short number prompting you to confirm payment. Reply with 1 to confirm payment;
  2. The amount of SCP plus the 100 tenge transaction fee will be deducted from your mobile account.

You will receive a SMS from mobimoney confirming the payment. Sending SMS to 5505 is 0 tenge. The paid amount will go towards your SCP due for that month.

The single cumulative payment for those self-employed has been introduced in Kazakhstan since January 1, 2019. It is paid by individuals who offer their services to other individuals without registering as private entrepreneur. Such services may include small repairs of cars, household appliances and apartment renovations, tailoring, rental of own property, selling homegrown produce, etc. That said, income of the self-employed individuals may not exceed 1,175 MCI (2,966,875 tenge) per year.