Travel along toll roads is 2 times cheaper when paying from the balance of your mobile number

Paying from the mobile phone balance for toll roads helps save money.

On all toll roads in Kazakhstan, payment points are established at the entrance and exit. There are two ways to pay for travel on them: prepayment before entry or postpay on departure. Moreover, prepaid fare for cars is 2 times cheaper. And you can do this from the balance of your mobile number*.

The camera captures the licence plate number of a car when it passes through the allocated lane, and the cost is debited from the personal account of KazAvtoZhol NC JSC. Personal account number matches to license plate number of the car.

You can make replenishment to current account from the balance of your customer number of activ or Kcell. Before entering a toll section of the road, send an SMS to the number 5505 in this format: XXX proezd YYYYYYYY, where “X” is the amount of replenishment of current account in tenge, “proezd” ** is the service identifier word and “Y” is the car number, which is a number of your current account.

For example: 100 proezd 123AAA02

After sending an SMS you will receive a request for confirmation of payment from the number 5505. It is required to confirm the payment by sending "1" to this number (this SMS is free). The specified amount and commission fee will be debited from the balance of the mobile number, and SMS will be sent as confirmation of payment. 

You can specify the amount for several trips, for example: 1000 proezd 123AAA02. And then you do not need to send SMS every time you enter the toll road. 

Commission fee for making replenishment of current account of the KazAvtoZhol NC JSC from the balance of mobile number equals to 1.5%. That means, in case of replenishing, for example, by 1000 tenge, the commission fee will be 15 tenge.

Payment information is also available on the website

The cost of travel along toll roads for passenger cars in one direction: 


In case of making prepayment

In case of making payment by cash

Almaty – Kapshagay 

100 tenge

200 tenge

Nur-Sultan – Shuchinsk

200 tenge

400 tenge 

Nur-Sultan – Temirtau 

200 tenge

400 tenge

*technical partner is Wooppay

** you can also use проезд, proezd, жолақы, жолакы, zholaky, passage as identifier word