New tariff BILIM is now available to the activ customers for comfortable online learning

Activ launched a new tariff Bilim before the school year.

The tariff has been designed to ensure comfortable process of online learning for schoolchildren, students and teachers without any extra cost. Customers on this tariff will get access and unlimited use of educational websites of Kazakhstan approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as 1GB of data to other websites for as little as 990 tenge a month. Tap the link for more detail.

The activ customer on other tariffs can activate a free Education Unlimited package that gets its users free access to educational websites approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan*.

The Education Unlimited package is available on the following tariffs: Super Comfort XS, Super Comfort S, Super Comfort M, Super Comfort L, Super Comfort Promo, Comfort XS+, Comfort S+, Comfort M+, Comfort L+, Comfort XS, Comfort S, Comfort M, Comfort L, Comfort XL, Activ Start+, Activ Drive+, Activ Boom+, Activ PRO+, Activ Light+, Activ Boom, Conversation, Conversation+, Let's Talk, Allo Kazakhstan 1, Allo Kazakhstan 2, Allo Kazakhstan 3, Allo Kazakhstan XS, Allo Kazakhstan S, Allo Kazakhstan M , Allo Kazakhstan L, Allo Kazakhstan XL, Allo Kazakhstan 2G, Kuanysh, Week, Week+, subject to payment of the regular tariff fee.

To activate package, dial *812#.

Free access to the approved educational websites of Kazakhstan is included in all Jańa tariffs.

Please, be advised that due to launch of the Bilim tariff and additional package, starting August 25, you will be charged the standard data rates for your tariff to access the online learning websites. We, therefore, recommend activating the ‘Education Unlimited’ package.

No activation is required on the Bilim tariff.

Choose comfortable online learning without any extra cost! 

* Find the full list of websites here.