Changes to the terms of the Education Unlimited package for the customers

Effective 25.09.2020, the terms of the Education Unlimited package will change as follows.

The activ customers will be able to enjoy free use of KZ educational website, electronic reference databases, online diaries, e-learning portals and other educational websites recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan immediately upon payment of the tariff fee, even if they have used up their included data allowance.

Customers DO NOT need to dial *812# to activate the package.

Education Unlimited is available on the following tariffs:

  • Super Comfort XS, Super Comfort S, Super Comfort M, Super Comfort L, Super Comfort Promo;
  • Comfort XS+, Comfort S+, Comfort M+, Comfort L+;
  • Comfort XS, Comfort S, Comfort M, Comfort L, Comfort XL;
  • Active Start+, Active Drive+, Active Boom+, Active PRO+, Active Light+, Active Boom;
  • Beseda, Beseda+;
  • Let's Talk;
  • Allo Kazakhstan 1, Allo Kazakhstan 2, Allo Kazakhstan 3, Allo Kazakhstan XS, Allo Kazakhstan S, Allo Kazakhstan M, Allo Kazakhstan L, Allo Kazakhstan XL,  Allo Kazakhstan 2G
  • Kuanysh;
  • Week, Week+.