Kcell Partners with Kazakhstan’s Paralympic Team

Kcell has become the official mobile operator of Kazakhstan’s Paralympic Team. The cellular operator has provided free network services for the Kazakhstani team to stay in touch with their relatives and loved ones during the Paralympics in Sochi.

Being different from most people yet being among the best is an achievement of the highest order. The Paralympians say that they consider themselves ambassadors for everyone with a disability. They aim to show that a person can do anything and to give hope to those who have lost it. 

All of Kazakhstan supports our team at the 2014 Winter Paralympics in Sochi. Kazakhstan’s athletes promise to try their very hardest to succeed. There is only one thing that does not necessarily depend on the athletes themselves, but which is such a great need: the support of relatives, friends and the countries for which they are striving for the best results. What’s of the greatest importance is the sense that the athletes are not going at these trials alone, but that thousands of fans are with them, sending a million wishes for all of them to win. That’s why Kcell provided free mobile service to the athletes that will defend our country’s honour at the Winter Paralympics.

Commenting on the event, Ali Agan, Kcell’s Chief Executive Director noted, “Everyone knows that sports players are led to victory by great effort, perseverance, purpose, boldness and boundless willpower. These are qualities that few are born with, but transforming them into prominent results is the forte of only a handful. Along with all Kazakhstanis we wish the Paralympic Team success as they compete in Sochi. We hope that being in touch with their relatives and loved ones at the most demanding competition of their lives will help the athletes reach the greatest possible heights and that the games will add new victories to Kazakhstan’s record books in global sporting events.”

The Winter Paralympic Games in Sochi will include 5 types of sports: sledge hockey, wheelchair curling, cross-country skiing and biathlon, downhill skiing and snowboarding. The Kazakhstani athletes are representing the country in all five categories. The President of Kazakhstan’s NPC Darkhan Kaletayev notes that “Kazakhstan’s National Paralympic Committee is a non-profit organization created in 2002, whose main goal is the development of the Paralympic Movement in Kazakhstan and the establishment of the necessary conditions for athletes with disabilities to achieve the highest possible results in sports. In 2013, our Paralympians won 19 gold, 22 silver and 22 bronze medals at various international sporting events. We expect even more results from the Paralympics in Sochi, while our athletes of course expect active support from Kazakhstanis.”

Over 15 years of work, Kcell has implemented dozens of sports projects. The cellular operator has supported Special Olympics Kazakhstan since the year 2000. This movement unites thousands of Kazakhstani athletes with disabilities and provides them with the opportunity to show off their talents at sports tournaments locally and at the international scale.