Do not miss the hot concert! BandEros in Ust-Kamenogorsk!

September gives you as many as two bright events - a concert of BandEros and super action from Activ! Buy a ticket to a concert and get free Activ SIM-card and special bonuses - a tariff plan “Daytime Unlimited”» and service “Simfonia” at no subscription fee until the end of the year. Communicate on-net for free, set music and jokes instead of ring tones!

Ticket price - 2500 tenge 

Attention! The original ticket provides for the protection against imitation!

Bonus terms:

 To use the bonuses, subscribe to the tariff plan “Daytime Unlimited” or service “Simfonia”;

 Tariff “Daytime Unlimited” provides 18 hours of on-net communication a day at 0 tenge within the Activ / Kcell / Vegaline network. When the bonuses are activated, you may enjoy the tariff “Daytime Unlimited” until the end of 2013 with no subscription fee.

 The service “Simfonia” allows selecting and setting of melodies, melody packages or phrases that will be played instead of the usual long ringtones of waiting for a response. After the bonuses are activated, you may use the service “Symphony” up to the end of 2013 with no subscription fee.

 To activate the bonuses dial *110*code under the protective layer#.

 Bonuses must be activated no later than within three days from the day of the concert. When this period expires, the code to activate the bonus shall not be valid.

 Bonuses term - up to 31.12.2013.


13 September 2013, at  19.00 hours

Concerts schedule


Tickets points of sale:


 - Kcell Center: 42, Ordzhonikidze st.

 - Shops in “Euro Star”:

 - In the vicinity of Shopping Center “Daniel”, 13/2, Dostoevsky st.;

 - Shopping Center “Kolos”, 15 Auezov st.;

 - In the vicinity of “Beryozka” shop, 78, Kazakhstan st.   

 - In the vicinity of “Ivushka” shop, Shopping Center “Dos-Nar”

 - Shopping Center “Dostyk”, in the vicinity of KShT

 - Shopping Center “Anuara”

 - Shopping Center “Imperator’, 0 floor

 - Stadium Altai cash-desks on the day of concert conduct


Concert promoter:

LLP Vivat Entertainment (Виват Интертейнмент)

8 (727) 293 76 72;   8 701 7 490 490