25th October 2012

Promo Action OnlineBonuses!

To attention of inhabitants and guests of Almaty! Now, having visited Kcell Center of Almaty and having bought any of following products:

- subscriber terminals (phones, tablets, Kcell/Activ connect modems) within the scope of any current promo actions of the Company or independently from the actions;

- Kcell/Activ Start Package;

you will get as a gift a bonus card, which will give a chance to please you with any of three offered bonus packages:

1 hour of free communication on-net Kcell/Activ/Vegaline

100 SMS on-net Kcell/Activ/Vegaline

50 Mb of the Internet traffic


What advantages can be provided by the bonus cards?

- No need to load them to the number, you can ask to load a card to any other active Kcell/Activ number

- A bonus card – a presentable gift for your friend!

- You have a chance to choose among three offered bonuses. If you already use the Internet traffic, choose minutes, if there is no need of minutes, then use 100 SMS!


How and where should the bonus be activated?

To activate a bonus, it is necessary to refer to  For this purpose you should be registered in a social network Having addressed to a consultant, you will be required to specify your personal code, being written on the card. Then a consultant will suggest to choose one of bonuses and a number, which the bonuses will be loaded to.


Additional terms:

1) Bonus validity – 30 days of activation;

2) The bonus card operates and can be activated within 5 days of its getting;

3) Time for addressing to the online consultant of Kcell on the page of the social network Facebook for activation of the bonus card: Monday-Friday 09:00-20:00. Saturday-Sunday 10:00-18:00, Astana time;

4) The bonus card is given in quantity 1 card to 1 unit of the product;

5) The bonus card can be activated only once;

6) The bonus card may be handed over by its original recipient to any third party before being activated;

7) The code is not subject to renewal if the card is lost;

8) Bonuses do not operate in roaming;

9) Bonuses are charged to on any active Kcell/Activ number at will of the bonus card recipient;


Compatibility of bonuses with other services:

1) Unlim Internet and Mobile Internet plus. The priority is given to services “Unlim Internet” and “Mobile Internet plus”, bonus 50 Mb will be consumed only after disconnection from services.

2) Voice minutes under the action “New Phone from Kcell” and “Contract Phone”. All minutes, granted under the above-mentioned actions, are subject to consumption in the first place, 60 bonus minutes will be consumed subsequently.

3) SMS packs. The priority is given to the SMS packs. Following the consumption of SMS packs, you may use bonus SMS.


Action duration: till December 31, 2012.