Neither of us thought that activ could make such great things with music

For now activ is not merely a mobile communication, but it is also the music of life and style. activ and internet radio NE.FM became the partners, which signifies that subscribers may enjoy listening to the music for free.

NE.FM – is the first professional online radio of Kazakhstan. From April 2014 the country’s best deejays have been presenting to listeners outstanding musical directions of current days and the past on four music flows such as Dance, Urban, Rock и Lounge*. To be an activ subscriber is enough to listen to the music with no payment and be on the same wavelength with other music lovers.

activ is to make lots of presents for the true listeners of music. The most active listeners will get smartphones and gadgets of first-class models, free internet and etc. The only thing that is necessary for it is to live by listening to good music.

It is possible to be a true music lover together with activ, Kcell and NE.FM with the means of website or NE.FM official mobile application for iOS and Android. Read detailed information on activ and Kcell sites.


* All subscribers of activ who have Unlimited Internet and all Kcell subscribers get free access.

* Soon also for iOS.