mobile entertainment services, such as mobi TV, mobi music and Bookmate by activ

Over 100 thousand people in Kazakhstan subscribed to mobile entertainment services, such as  mobi TV, mobi music and Bookmate by activ offered by Kcell Company


Kcell Company has restyled its entertainment services, which are now called mobi TV and mobi music. Since the launch of this line of products more than 134 million Kcell and activ subscribers have became their subscribers.


The leader in subscriptions is mobi music service, which was subscribed to by record-beating 90 thousand subscribers of the company. 16,500 subscribers of the company prefer watching their TV shows from mobile devices via mobi TV service, while 27,500 subscribers prefer reading books online or download them to their smartphones via Bookmate by activ service.


In 8 months of operation, mobi TV, mobi music and Bookmate by activ services have been significantly improved, thanks to the active work with feedback from their subscribers.


mobi music service has added tracks cashing, which allows you to download tracks faster, and a famous Kazakhstani DJ, Rustam Ospanov has started as its editor. A number of agreements have been signed with copyright holders. As a result, Kazakh performers, for example, Galymzhan Moldanazar, «Ninety One», and Russian performance of the Black Star label have been made available to listen. The immediate plans for the development of the mobi music service is launching the recommendations mechanism that would help personalize music and offer relevant content based on user preferences.


Moreover, activ subscribers subscribed to “Active Start”, “Active Light”, “Active Drive”, “Active Boom” and “Active Pro” tariff plans have been granted unlimited access to listen to and download nearly 2 million tracks on mobi music subject to successful charge of the subscription fee for their tariff plans*. However, traffic required to listen to or download music on mobi music service is not charged.


mobi TV service has an updated application design and a modified pause retention function. Performance and speed have been improved thanks to which the application does not consume battery power in a background mode. The application adds an extra button to turn off the broadcast via Chromecast in a fullscreen mode, and has an improved compatibility with iOS 10. Also, now mobi TV service is available on Smart TV Samsung. Moreover, subscriber can pay and watch an extra TV package without reference to the "Start" package. In addition, the cost has been lowered for the mobi TV "Starter" package, which is now only 7 KZT per day. And  this cost covers “Setanta Kazakhstan” channel *, which broadcasts games of the English Premier football League.


Another supplement convenient for subscribers is the inclusion of mobi TV service in the "Prestige" line tariff plans range plans where Internet traffic up to 5 Gb is not charged and is subject to successful charge of the subscription fee. "Prestige 2", "Prestige 3" and " Prestige 5 "* tariff plans include "Starter" package with 34 channels, while "Prestige 7" and "Prestige 9" tariff plans include "Optimum" package with 64 channels *. The most popular channels among all mobi TV subscribers in October have been "31 channel", "Setanta Kazakhstan", "Seventh Channel" and "First Channel Eurasia". A cumulative timeof  mobi TV viewing in October amounted to almost 20 thousand hours.


Bookmate by activ service has also become part of "Prestige"* line tariff plans for Kcell and "Active Pro" activ subscribers. In addition, they now have shelves – TEDxAlmaty “Between Heaven and Earth", as well as such popular Kazakh projects as “The Steppe” and “Buro 24".


"After launching new lines of "Prestige" and "Active" tariff plans and to a greater extent due to the commercial launch of 4G network, we see a significant increase in subscriptions to our entertainment line. All these months, the development team has been in constant feedback mode with the users. Due to this our entertainment services have seen a great evolution to become really user-friendly for our subscribers. We can also see that the really high-quality content is changing the habit of using "pirated" music, movies and books. We will continue to improve our services to further expand options for our customers ", - said Arti Ots, CEO of Kcell JSC.


The App for the subscription to mobi TV, mobi music and Bookmate by activ can be downloaded from the App Store and Play Market.


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