“Open University of Kazakhstan”, offering courses in the national language, will appear in Kazakhstan

Kcell and Public Fund “WikiBilim” announced the launch of the educational online project “Open University of Kazakhstan”. Such statement was made in Almaty during the round table devoted to the prospects of the development of online education in Kazakhstan. 

According to President of Public Fund “WikiBilim” Nurbek Matzhani, today the internet users access more than 5,000 different online courses. The most popular platforms with the educational resources are as follows: Coursera, EdX, Udacity. However, the majority of their content is in English. 

“The technologies fundamentally transform virtually every aspect of life, and education - is not an exception. Thanks to technologies the education as well as many other services becomes personalized, i.e. it takes into account the individual characteristics of every one. Now, the student chooses when to study, where to practice and how many times he (she) has to repeat the material covered. All this creates a favorable educational environment for those who are studying not for the diploma but for the sake of knowledge, for those who are focused not on learning once and for all life but wants to improve and evolve constantly. This is an important global trend. Now, thanks to the support of Kcell Kazakhstan will have its own platform of open online courses with the unique content, including in the Kazakh language”, - said Chairman of the Board of Trustees of PF “WikiBilim” Rauan Kenzhekhanuly. 

“Open University of Kazakhstan” - is the online platform with free access to the video lectures of professors of the country's leading universities. At the first stage it is planned to launch the 10 telecommunications courses. Also on the portal in the public domain there will be available the specialized literature, which is used by developers, when preparing these courses. In which case, more than 80% of the lecture material will be presented in the state language. Further, the number of specialized courses can be increased. 

The developers of “Open University of Kazakhstan” promise the users the set of the most advanced features for such platforms – the intuitive interface, user-friendly video player (with subtitles in different languages), personal cabinet of courses participants, profiles of universities and lecturers, test cases and notes. 

The project itself will be implemented on the basis of the Open EDX platform, developed in tandem with the world leading universities - Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

The partner institutions of the Kazakhstan Open University were such respected institutions of higher education as KazNITU named after K. Satbaev, KBTU, Almaty Management University, Suleyman Demirel University, as well as such research institutions as the Institute of Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling and the Institute of Linguistics named after A. Baitursynov. 

“As a telecommunications company, we are particularly keen for appearing on the market of the highly qualified specialists, including in those areas, which involve our activities. We are confident that this project is of interest to not only the high school graduates and university students, but to the practitioners in the field of development of IT and telecommunications. We hope that these courses will help someone to quickly determine the choice of future profession. Also, this portal will serve as an excellent platform for further education for people with disabilities, as well as for the inhabitants of remote areas of the country, who for one reason or another are not able receive higher education”, - emphasized Natalia Yeskova, Head of Communications Department of Kcell JSC.

November 22, 2016