More messengers on Comfort Unlimited+!

We are expanding our list of messengers to which customers on Super Comfort S, M, L and Promo tariffs have unlimited access with the ‘Comfort Unlimited+’ service!

From 12.08.2019, customers on the said tariffs will have unlimited access to Telegram and IMO as well!

Please, be reminded that have unlimited access to WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Telegram and IMO is provided:

  • upon payment of the Tariff fee
  • you have inclusive data allowance from the tariff (it should be more than 0KB after deducting the reserved data for current data session and data roaming allowance.
  • you use the latest versions of WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram, ОК, FB, Telegram, IMO for iOS and Android.

Warning! When the customer uses browsers, receives push notifications (including messages about events on social networks), in case of automatic software updates or when other installed applications are running the background, in case customer clicks the links to other websites or banner ads, maintenance traffic, when downloading applications from Google Play, the App Store, when using the private browsing mode, when using a smartphone in modem mode, VPN channels, proxy servers, anonymizers, Instagram Stories, Live broadcasts, as well as making calls through WhatsApp, Telegram, IMO the customer will be using the data allowance included in the Tariff or add-on data services (data add-ons), if ay is active o this account; and if data allowance is used up or is not available, customer will be charged the overage data rates for their Tariff (with his consent).

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