Kcell to start eSIM tests on its network

Kcell JSC is the first mobile operator in Kazakhstan to introduce the innovative eSIM technology on its network in test mode. eSIM (Embedded SIM) is a virtual SIM card profile that is embedded in the mobile device to improve quality and speed up the customer service process as well as expand the capabilities of a mobile device for their owners. With eSIM technology, there is no longer a need to purchase dual-SIM smartphones.

Kcell offers its customers to test the new solution.

As part of the pilot launch, each customer whose mobile device supports eSIM can contact the Kcell Store to get a free eSIM. This also applies to customers who wish to purchase the latest iPhone which already support this technology.

Customers can at any time connect to Kcell and activ services provided only they have an Internet connection. The use of eSIM is going to be highly appreciated by those who, in addition to a private number, need a business number for their, which means there is no need to use two smartphones. The technology is promising for IoT devices – trackers, laptops, components of the so-called “smart homes” (alarms, sensors, surveillance cameras, household appliances, etc.).

The use of eSIM is also great in terms of security – in case of a theft, there will be no way to use it unless the eSIM account is deleted.

In terms of use, eSIM is no different from a regular SIM card, however, in future users will be able to switch providers without a need to physically visit their service stores. This technology also allows using an additional SIM card in eSIM devices.

It is expected that over time customers will no longer need to visit physical mobile stores as they will be able to activate and manager services through their My Kcell and My activ mobile applications.