29th September 2016

Activ subscribers may make payments for municipal parking in Almaty city through SMS

“Kcell” company hereby informs that starting from “27” September, Activ subscribers are able to make payments for parking in frame of united automatic parking area of Almaty city through SMS from their mobile telephones within Almaty city limits. 

“Little more than a month ago our subscribers were given opportunity to pay for traveling in public transport through SMS. Today we are happy to inform you that opportunity to make payments through a mobile telephone is added with SMS payment service to pay for municipal parking in the largest city of the country. We understand time in a metropolis overloaded with cars – one of the main resources and we hope that our new service will help to save precious minutes and make life of car owners even more comfortable”, - said Arti Ots, Chief Executive Officer of JSC “Kcell”.   

According to the rules for providing municipal parking, payment for placing a car within the parking lot shall be provided by prepayment, herewith the first 15 minutes are foreseen for making prepayment and starting car parking. In case if a car stays in a parking lot longer than 15 minutes, then the car owner will be issued a fine sent to his e-mail just as in case of photo fixing of speeding.   

Parking is managed through sending SMS message with command to a short number 7757. Full list of commands is available at website When sending SMS message only payment for parking is written off, cost of sending SMS to the given number is 0 tenge. Cost of 1 parking hour is 100 tenge with minute by minute billing. It’s important to notice that this service is not designed for persons entitled to benefits. So in case of sending SMS to number 7757 from a person entitled to benefits, cost of parking will be written off in full.    

Prepayment and start of parking may be made sending the command   

“Number of parking area”*"car number"*"number of parking hours"

 (for example: 1001*А111ААА*1 or 1001*123ААА02*1).

 After sending the command, a subscriber will receive a request to confirm writing off the amount from the number 7701. To confirm writing off, one should send “1” to the received request. In case of successful writing off the amounts, SMS from the number 7757 will come with information on starting parking and time of parking finish. 

You may stop parking by sending “S” to the number 7757. In case of stopping parking before time, no funds will be repaid to the subscriber’s personal account, the funds will be held at the parking account. Further these funds may be used for making payment for the next parking, i.e. the next amount to be written off from the subscriber’s personal account will be less. 10 minutes prior to the end of parking time the subscriber will be sent a message from the number 7757 informing that the parking is coming to the end. The subscriber may prolong parking by sending the command “Х" * “Number of prolonged hours” to the number 7757 (Х*2). 

Further “Kcell” company plans to launch analogical service for “Kcell” subscribers. In the future Company plans to launch the same service for Kcell subscribers. The project is implemented by Kcell JSC, parking area operator in Almaty city - “Almaty SpetsTehParking Service” LLP and with the support of the payment system «WOOPPAY». 

If the subscriber has not yet registered at the portal, then default payment method of the personal account of the subscriber’s number. If the subscriber has been registered and chose payment method “Mobile commerce” then payment will be also made from the subscriber’s personal account. If the subscriber after entering his personal account has chosen payment using a bank card, funds will be withdrawn from his card. Also parking terminals are available for car owners to pay for parking as alternative payment options. More detailed information on this service is available on website Number of call center for clients to apply: +7 727 331 39 49. 

Parking zones and numbers

Parking zone

Name of parking zone

Street blocks 

paid parking


Green market

Zenkov (between  Makataev and Zhibek Zholy)



Green market

Zenkov (between   Zhibek Zholy and Gogol )



Green market

Dostyk (between   Zhibek Zholy and Gogol)



Green market

Pushkin (мbetween  Makataev and Zhibek Zholy)



Green market

Pushkin between  and Zhibek Zholy and Gogol)



City Administration

Satpaev (between Zheltoksan and Furmanov)



Green market

Makataev (between Pushkin and Kaldayakov )



Green market

Zhibek Zholy (between Pushkin and Kaldayakov)



Republican Square

Republican Square (between Mir and Furmanov)



Green market

Zhibek Zholy (between Pushkin and Konaev)



In total: