30th October 2017

Official statement of Kcell JSC regarding information from Tengri News on iPhone shipments to Kazakhstan

In response to information, published today on the portal Tengri News on the basis of a message from the Department of State Revenues for Kostanay region, Kell reports that since 2014 the company is the official distributor of iPhone smartphones authorized by Apple to sell smartphones of this brand in Kazakhstan .

Kcell delivers all smartphones iPhone on direct shipments from Apple. Currently, the company sells a range of smartphones iPhone 8/8 +, imported officially, with payment of all necessary customs duties.

In the very near future the company will start official sales of one more expected hit this year — iPhoneX. Smartphones of this model, as well as all previous models of the iPhone, will be delivered by Kcell officially and will be available for purchase in Kcell / Activ stores by installments under contract on affordable and favorable terms.

Follow the information on the website of and to pre-order and find out all the terms of the purchase.