20th March 2018

Smartphone to buy in 2018

At the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona the world manufacturers presented series of smartphones to which attention is riveted this year. Among them there are Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. We told you about top news and suggest how to buy them by instalment in Kcell/Activ stores.

News of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ outwardly repeat the previous series of the bezel-free Galaxy S8. But the contents can impress both fans of the Samsung products and other users. Three advantages of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+: camera, security and sound.

If you have already decided to buy this flagship so we recommend you to purchase it by installments in the official stores of the Kcell/Activ, it is possible to purchase with cellular communication service package. For those people who do not know capabilities of these smartphones yet, we will tell about them below.

Camera, like the human eye

  • Human pupils are quickly adapted to light and dark, narrowing and dilating. The camera aperture does the same, making the shots in bright light and insufficient light. In subdued lighting the pictures are clear, and in bright light — colorful.
  • The most of cameras in other smartphones in the ultra-slow shooting mode covers 240 shots per second, and the Galaxy S9 camera covers 960 frames per second. This video in the ultra-slow mode will be in 32 times slower than usual. Even the glimpses will remain for a long time.
  • Selfie emoji creation, a virtual copy of itself, takes the communication to another level. Selfie emoji fixes 100 parameters of the owner face, repeating the mimics, movements and voice. Your personal selfie emoji is you, but virtual.

Security, which you deserve

  • Smartphone unlocking by iris, finger mark, face recognition keeps your data under protection and only you can give quick access to them. Standard security functions remain — this is a picture, password, pin-code.
  • Convenience is that the unlocking is conducted simultaneously, both by the face recognition and by the iris even in the dark.
  • The function first appeared for the Galaxy S9 and S9+ where for unlocking the one finger mark can be used, and for access to the protected folder — another one.

Sound like in the cinema

  • Samsung has integrated into the new product of the stereo speaker from the AKG audio equipment manufacturer. The dynamics are located from both sides and maintain the Dolby Atmos technology. Listening to music or watching a film, 3D dimensional sound will surround you.

There is not a big difference between two models in dimensions of displays, battery capacity, in the RAM, the «plus» version has additional camera module. Other components are described at the official Samsung website.

The full cost of the Galaxy S9 — 339 990 tenge, Galaxy S9+ is equal to 379 990 tenge. If you can not buy it for the full cost, we recommend you to consider the contract offer in the Kcell or Activ.

The Activ subscribers, for example, can register Samsung Galaxy S9+ by installments for two years with monthly payment in 18 220 tenge with the same conditions as described above, but with lager volume of Internet — 20 GB, divided into day and night.

There are variants of installments for year and a year and a half. Prepayment and amount of monthly payment change depending on the term of registration and necessary volume of communication services.