30th July 2018

The short number 3838 for collection of SMS-donations, aimed to assistance to orphaned children was activated for subscribers of the Kcell and Activ

The short number 3838 for collection of SMS-donations, aimed to assistance to orphaned children and children left without parental care – inmates of the Corporate Fund - SOS Children’s villages of Kazakhstan, was activated for subscribers of the Kcell and Activ. Activation of the short number is carried out within the project – Family for every child.

The corporate fund - SOS Children’s villages of Kazakhstan was established in 1993. The mission of the fund is ensuring the rights of children to live and be raised in caring family environment.

The first Children’s village – SOS was established by Hermann Gmeiner in 1949 in Austria. He devoted his life to children in need – children who became homeless, lost sense of security or lost their parents during the Second World War. Since then the Organization has expanded and renders assistance to children worldwide. To date, SOS Children’s villages exist in 135 countries*.

Girls and boys of different ages live together like brothers and sisters in one SOS - family. These children build family bonds together with their SOS-mother, which are continued and supported their whole life. Children grow up and study together, distribute obligations among themselves, as well as troubles and joys of each day. SOS – families live together, creating a supportive atmosphere, at which children enjoy their happy childhood. Families share their experience and help each other. In their family, in the village and local community every child learns to participate actively in life of the society.  

  “We are pleased to inform you about activation of one more charity short number. This time we became partners of the fund – SOS Children’s villages of Kazakhstan. The main difference between SOS-villages and children’s home is that children live in families, and this fact is very much in favor.  Therefore children integrate into society from young age. All graduates of villages find their calling and become fully-fledged citizens of the country. We believe that working together we will be able to make our society better, and assistance to orphaned children in socialization is one of objectives of this purpose”, noted Natalya Eskova, Head of the Communication Department of the Kcell JSC.

Kcell and Activ subscribers can help children’s villages, sending non-empty message to the number 3838. Cost of one SMS – 280 tenge.