30th April 2019

Data traffic exceeded 74 petabyte — the Kcell summed up the results of network development in the 1st quarter of 2019

Increase of data traffic by 34.7% in comparison with similar period of the last year or 74.9 petabyte (PB), and volume of voice traffic — 4.8 bln, minutes. This information was announced by the Kcell mobile operator in the report of the first quarter of 2019

In the first quarter of current year data traffic in the network of the Kcell increased by 24.7 % in comparison with similar period of 2018. Capacity of 4G/LTE increased in Lenger (Turkestan region) and Kandyagash (Aktobe region), as well as in the Shieli village (Kyzylorda region). In the period from January to March coverage of 3G network also expanded. Now residents of such remote villages as Kokzhyra and Kokbay in the East Kazakhstan region, as well as Kharkov village in Pavlodar region have access to high speed mobile internet.

«After obtainment of majority shareholding of the Kcell by the Kazakhtelecom JSC in December, 2018 opportunities for expanding of infrastructure and network appeared. Now Kazakhtelecom has wider channels and speed of external channel output is more than 1 terabyte, and this Company is the leader on backbone internet. Due to this partnership we can obtain more capacity and in its turn it will influence on speed for final user, which will be much higher than now. The Kcell will use extensive capabilities of new major shareholder to provide our clients with necessary quality of internet and develop 4G network. Despite the fact that our Company has started to deploy network of the fourth generation only three years ago, we have provided 62% of country’s population with internet access. We will continue work on increase of capacity of the network to provide Kcell and Activ subscribers with 4G services of the highest quality,» — noted Natalya Yeskova, Head of the Communication Department of the Kcell JSC.