2nd July 2019

Speech IVR and experience of Kcell in work with artificial intelligent.

Profit Call Center Day 2019 took place on June 28, in Almaty. This is a conference about modern solutions for call-centers. Assem Duisenbayeva, Senior Specialist on development of self-service systems of Kcell JSC, told how the company has adopted Speech IVR, a voice robot for customer service.

In recent years, theme of using robots in call-centers has been vigorously discussed among business owners and professionals. Someone predicts boom of robot consultants only in 2020.

Kcell was the first in Kazakhstan who launched customer service systems based on artificial intelligence. The Company introduced robots that recognize live speech and conduct a dialogue with customers within their knowledge base in 2017. Currently, 56% of customer applications are successfully resolved by call center employees. Assem Duisenbayeva told in detail how the company managed to adopt an operating Speech IVR system in customer service:

«Our voice assistant began to operate fully in 2017. It was a replacement for the outdated DTMF IVR, use of which was difficult due to the difficulty of working with the menu by pressing a lot of buttons and the lack of an intuitive or predictive service path. The tool itself is a complete solution of digital self-service. The main purpose of operation is the processing of standard customer applications. The tool itself stands on three pillars such as informing, operational part (connecting / disconnecting services) and transfer to the agent», Assem shared in her speech.

Besides, there was a panel discussion where one of the experts was Ainur Sariyeva with her speech, Manager of the Sales and Service Department of Kcell JSC, at the Profit Call Center Day. The latest trends were discussed in the work of call-centers.

«Through the use of the Speech IVR system, we really reduced the load on call-center operators, but this did not lead to reduction of staff. Artificial intelligence has allowed us transfer most of our employees to other customer service field. We managed to come to a harmonious interaction of human and artificial intelligences», told Ainur.

We would like to recall you that in 2018, the robotized employees of the call-center received the Crystal Headset, an award that is awarded to the best contact centers. And in 2016, Kcell received an award for virtual text consultants on the company’s websites.