Time to Talk

This is to inform you that Time To Talk tariff will be terminated between 06.10.14 and 11.11.14. Within this term, if you are on any of these tariff plan, you can switch to other available tariff for free only once, otherwise your default plan will be set to Basic. In accordance with law, Operator will send an SMS to the subscribers on these plans 30 days before a particular tariff is due to be terminated.


Pay 16,7 units/min for the 1st and 2nd minutes on-net and talk for free the rest of the time! No subscription fee.


Product/Service Parameters Billing increment Charge, in units*
Outgoing on-net call (Activ/Kcell/Vegaline) (voice and video-call) 1st minute 1 sec 16,7
2nd minute 1 sec 16,7
from 3rd minute 1 sec 0
Call to PSTN 1 minute 1 sec 30,5
Call to other mobile operators 1 minute 1 sec 30,5
Onnet SMS/MMS 1 message - 7
Other Mobile Operators SMS 1 message - 12,33
International SMS 1 message - 15
"Always available" service - - 0
Mobile Internet / Mobile WAP 1 MB 1Kb 20,16
Roaming *** About Roaming


* 1 unit = 1 tenge, including VAT.

** According to Astana time.

*** Roaming service - is a value-added service which is activated automatically when user is roaming overseas. You can deactivate the service by texting NET to 3003. Text DA to 3003 if you want to activate it again.

Maximum call duration – 30 minutes.

Tariffs are valid in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The MMS-Portal value-added service is available to customers on this tariff plan, subject to activation of the MMS service: sending ММS to other KZ networks – 15 tg per message; sending international ММS – 25tg per message. Read more on MMS >>


How to subscribe: subscription to this TP terminates on 13 April 2009.