Unlimited possibilities of communication with the tariff plan “Shchedry”:

  • 0 tenge for on-net calls (when in your home zone*)!
  • Top up once a week and talk for free!

Attention! The tariff home zone includes certain KZ regions. For details, call *166*4#  or go to Home Zone section below.

ATTENTION!!! Starting 04.04.2017 international calls at reduced rates will no longer be available on the following tariffs and our standard international calling rates will apply. Find out more here.

Product/Service Parameters Billing increment Calling subscriber is within the home zone. Cost, in units* Calling subscriber is outside the home zone. Cost, in units*
With 150 and over tenge top-up (incl. VAT)** Without 150 and over tenge top-up (incl. VAT)
On-net (activ/Kcell) calls (voice and video), per minute 1st minute 1 sec 0 11 11
From 2nd minute onward 0
National calls (landlines and other mobile), per minute 1 minute 1 sec 8,9 20
On-net (activ/Kcell) SMS/MMS 1 message - 7
National SMS 1 message - 12,33
International SMS 1 message - Standard rate
Mobile Internet/Mobile WAP 1 MB 1 KB 20,16
Always Available service - - 0
Roaming service**** About roaming

Subscription to tariff is closed.

The rates shown in the Table above are valid in the territory of Kazakhstan.

Maximum call duration – 30 minutes.

The MMS-Portal value-added service is available to customers on this tariff plan, subject to activation of the MMS service: sending ММS to other KZ networks – 15 tg per message; sending international ММS – 30 tg per message. Read more on MMS.

If Call Divert feature is enabled on the subscriber’s mobile phone (except for “no answer” call divert), he/she will be charged at the rates applicable outside the Home Zone*.

** The rate is valid for 7 days after the subscriber tops up his/her account with a lump sum of 150 tenge (by 24:00 (Astana time) of the 7th day). The rate is also valid for 30 days after the subscriber tops up his/her account with a lump sum of 650 tenge (by 24:00 (Astana time) of the 30th day). The Mobile help service does not allow the subscribers to transfer balance to other subscribers. Balance may be replenished after the tariff ‘Schedry’ is subscribed to.

Funds received through the services ‘Mobile help’, ‘Extra balance’, ‘Auto Extra Balance’ and/or other similar services shall not be considered as balance replenishment for applying the 0 tenge tariff rate. If a subscriber users the services ‘Mobile help’ ,‘Extra Balance’, ‘Auto Extra Balance’ and other similar services within the scope of terms of provision of such services, funds, received from the services, and the cost of services will be debited from the user's account upon balance refilling, and, therefore, these amounts will not be accounted for as balance replenishment for applying the 0 tenge tariff rate.


**** Service is available outside the Republic of Kazakhstan and Company’s coverage area. When necessary, the Subscribers can turn off Roaming by texting NET to 3330 or texting DA to 3330 to turn it on again. Roaming can be turned on/off in Kazakhstan only, within the Company’s network coverage area.

If the balance is refilled in the amount allowing to apply the reduced rates subject to the tariff plan terms,  the longer period of effect of reduced rates will apply during the term of this tariff.

Attention: a certain amount of data will be automatically reserved for your first 2G/3G session or once you access 4G network. If you run out of data allowance – a certain amount of money will be reserved from your account to ensure uninterrupted browsing. To find out more about data reservation, click this link.

* Tariff home zone includes the following localities, and the home zone can be found by dialing *166*4#.



Zhanaarkinsky Zhayrem
Nurinsky Shubarkol
Ulytausky Korgasyn
Kurchumsky All settlements covered by the company’s mobile network

All settlements covered by the company’s mobile network.