• 10 free on-net SMS daily;
  • free on-net calls from home zone.
  • Starting 01.03.17, this tariff will no longer cover free access to the mobile versions of Facebook and Vkontakte and our standard data rates will apply to access these social media.

Attention! The tariff home zone includes certain KZ regions. For details, call *166*4#  or go to Home Zone section below.

Product/Service Parameters Billing increment daily subscription fee of 19 tenge is withdrawn** daily subscription fee of 19 tenge is not withdrawn**
Calling subscriber is within the home zone Cost, in tenge**  Calling subscriber is outside the home zone. Cost, in tenge** Calling subscriber is within the home zone Cost, in tenge**  Calling subscriber is outside the home zone. Cost, in tenge**
Outbound calls to mobile numbers on-net activ/Kcell (voice calls), per 1 minute 1st minute 1 sec 0 11 8,9 11
From the 2nd minute 0
Subscription fee, per day 19
Outbound calls to mobile numbers of other operators and landline numbers of Kazakhstan 1 minute 1 sec 15
SMS on-net activ/Kcell 1 message - 10 SMS per day - 0 7
from 11 SMS - 7
SMS to other networks throughout the RK 1 message - 12,33
SMS towards international destinations 1 message -

Standard rate

Service “Always available” - - 0
Mobile Internet/Mobile WAP 1 MB 1 KB 20,16
Roaming service** About Roaming

Starting 23.12.2016, tariff will no longer be available to new subscribers. Customers who activated this tariff before 23.12.2016 will be able to stay on it after this date.

According to Astana time.

*** The fee is collected between 00:00 and 02:00 Astana time. If no fee has been collected between 00:00 and 02:00 due to insufficient funds in your account, it will be collected after you top up your account after 02:00 and full service as per your tariff plan will be available during your current billing cycle until the next billing cycle starts.

**** Service is available outside the Republic of Kazakhstan and Company’s coverage area. When necessary, the Subscribers can turn off Roaming by texting NET to 3330 or texting DA to 3330 to turn it on again. Roaming can be turned on/off in Kazakhstan only, within the Company’s network coverage area.


Maximum call duration – 30 minutes.

Rates shown in the Table are applied across the Republic of Kazakhstan. If Call Divert is activated on the subscriber’s mobile hone (except for “no answer” call divert) he/she will be charged at the rates applicable outside Pavlodar Region.

The MMS-Portal value-added service is available to customers on this tariff plan, subject to activation of the MMS service: sending ММS to other KZ networks – 15 tg per message; sending international ММS – 30 tg per message. Read more on MMS.

Attention: a certain amount of data will be automatically reserved for your first 2G/3G session or once you access 4G network. If you run out of data allowance – a certain amount of money will be reserved from your account to ensure uninterrupted browsing. To find out more about data reservation, click this link.

The home zone of the tariff includes the inhabited localities, which can be viewed as well as the home zone by dialing *166*4#.

Aitekebiyskiy Araltogayskiy s.o. Otdelenie Ulgaisyn
Aitekebiyskiy Aykenskiy s.o. Ayke
Aitekebiyskiy Kumkudukskiy s.o. Kumkuduk
Aitekebiyskiy Saratskiy s.o. Sarat
Aitekebiyskiy Aykenskiy s.o. Terensay
Aitekebiyskiy Baskudukskiy s.o. Tymabulak
Aitekebiyskiy Karabutakskiy s.o. Belkopa
Aktobe Kuraylinskiy s.o. Kurayli
Aktobe Novy s.o. Kurashasay
Aktobe Sazdinskiy s.o. Sazdy
Aktobe Blagodarny s.o. Ulke
Alginskiy Alginskaya g.a. Alga
Alginskiy Bestamakskiy s.o. Bestamak
Alginskiy Beskospinskiy s.o. Eseta Batyra Kokiuly
Alginskiy Marzhanbulakskiy s.o. Marzhanbulak
Aytekebiyskiy Komsomolskiy s.o. Komsomolskoe
Bayganinskiy Karauylkeldynskiy s.o. Karauylkeldy
Bayganinskiy Zhanazholskiy s.o. Oymaut
Bayganinskiy Sarytogayskiy s.o. Altay batyr auly
Bayganinskiy Zharkamysskiy s.o. Zharkamys
Hobdinskiy Kobdinskiy s.o. Kobda
Hobdinskiy Bulakskiy s.o. Aliya
Hobdinskiy Akrabskiy s.o. Akrab
Hobdinskiy a.o.im.I.Kurmanova Begaly
Hobdinskiy Zhirenkopinskiy s.o. Zhirenkopa
Hobdinskiy Begalinskiy s.o. Kalinovka
Hromtauskiy   KHromtau
Hromtauskiy s.o.Don Ongar
Hromtauskiy Bogetsayskiy s.o. Bogetsay
Hromtauskiy Koktauskiy s.o. Koktau
Hromtauskiy Akzharskiy s.o. Prostornaya
Irgizskiy Irgizskiy s.o. Irgiz
Irgizskiy Irgizskiy s.o. Kalybay
Irgizskiy Kyzylzharskiy s.o. Kurlys
Kargalinskiy Badamshinskiy s.o. Badamsha
Kargalinskiy Alimbetovskiy s.o. Alimbet
Kargalinskiy Kosistekskiy s.o. Kos-Istek
Kargalinskiy Kempirsayskiy s.o. Karabutak
Kargalinskiy Zheltauskiy s.o. Petropavlovka
Martukskiy Martukskiy s.o. Martuk
Martukskiy Khlebodarovskiy s.o. Khlebodarovka
Martukskiy Karatogayskiy s.o. Karatogay
Martukskiy Rodnikovskiy s.o. Rodnikovka
Mugalzharskiy Kandyagashskaya g.a. Kandyagash
Mugalzharskiy Yembinskaya g.a. Emba
Mugalzharskiy Mugalzharskiy s.o. Mugalzhar
Mugalzharskiy Egindybulakskiy s.o. Bulakty
Mugalzharskiy Zhurynskiy s.o. Dzhurun
Mugalzharskiy Kaiyndinskiy s.o. Kaiyndy
Mugalzharskiy Akkemerskiy s.o. Akkemer
Mugalzharskiy Kaiyndinskiy s.o. Altyndy
Mugalzharskiy Batpakkolskiy s.o. Zhagabulak
Shalkarskiy Shalkarskaya g.a. Shalkar
Shalkarskiy Kishikumskiy s.o. Akespe
Shalkarskiy Ayshuakskiy s.o. Begimbet
Shalkarskiy Bozoyskiy s.o. Bozoy
Shalkarskiy Togyzskiy s.o. Zhylan
Shalkarskiy Aktogayskiy s.o. Kotrtas
Temirskiy Shubarkudukskaya p.a. Shubarkuduk
Temirskiy Shubarshiyskaya p.a. Kenkiyak
Temirskiy Temirskaya g.a. Temir
Temirskiy Aksayskiy s.o. Aksay
Temirskiy Altykarasuskiy s.o. Altykarasu
Uilskiy Uilskiy s.o. Uil
Uilskiy Karaoyskiy s.o. Karaoy
Uilskiy Sarybiyskiy s.o. Sarybie
Uilskiy Koptogayskiy s.o. Koptogay

Bulandy District

  • Aul Karaozek
  • Aul Tastyozek
  • Aul Alakol
  • Aul Altyndy
  • Makinsk Town
  • Village Voznesenka
  • Village Zhuravlevka
  • Village Nikolskoye
  • Village Novobratskoe
  • Village Partizanka

Yenbekshilder District

  • Stepnyak Town
  • Village Yenbekshilder
  • Village Zaozernoe
  • Village Makinka

Zerenda District

  • Aul Karlykol
  • Settlement Aidabol
  • Village Azat
  • Village Viktorovka
  • Village Elenovka
  • Village Zerenda
  • Village Konysbai
  • Village Chaglinka

C.A. Kokshetau

  • Kokshetau
  • Settlement Stantsyonny
  • Village Krasny Yar

Sandyktau District

  • Village Balkashino
  • Village of Kamenka
  • Village Sandyktau

C.A. Stepnogorsk

  • Stepnogorsk Town
  • Settlement Aksu
  • Settlement Bestobe
  • Settlement Shantobe

Shchuchinsky District

  • Aul Kenesary
  • Schuchinsk Town
  • Settlement Burabai
  • Village Atameken
  • Village Vedenovka
  • Village Zhasyl
  • Village Zeleny Bor
  • Village Zlatopole
  • Village Katarkol
  • Village Krasny Kordon
  • Village Kyzylagash
  • Village Madeniet
  • Village Okzhetpes
  • Village Urumkai

Arshaly District

  • Aul Akbulak
  • Aul Arnasai
  • Aul Zhaltyrkol
  • Aul Turgen
  • Settlement Arshaly
  • Village Bereke
  • Village Volgodonovka
  • Village Izhevskoye
  • Village Konstantinovka
  • Village Mikhailovka
  • St.Anar

Akkol District

  • Aul Azat
  • Aul Dombyraly
  • Aul Zhalgyzkaragai
  • Akkol Town
  • Village Naumovka
  • Village Novorybinka
  • Village Uryupinka

Astrakhan District

  • Village Astrakhanka
  • Village Zhaltyr
  • Village Novocherkasskoe
  • Village Ornek
  • Village Priishimka
  • Village Stary Koluton

Atbassar District

  • Aul Beisa Haziret
  • Atbassar Town
  • Village Marinovka
  • Village Novoselskoe
  • Village Poltavka
  • Village Rodionovka
  • St.Adyr

Yegindykol District

  • Village Abai
  • Village Yegindykol

Yereimentau District

  • Aul Akmyrza
  • Yereimentau Town
  • Village Novomarkovka
  • Village Pavlovka
  • Village Seletinskoe
  • Village Turgai
  • Village Ulenty

Yessil District

  • Yessil Town
  • Village Buzuluk
  • Village Zarechnoye
  • Village Kovylnoe
  • Village Krasivoye
  • Village Kurskoe
  • Village Svobodnoye
  • Village Yubileinoe

Zhaksyn District

  • Village Zhaksy
  • Village Zhan Kiim
  • Village Ishimskoye
  • Village Perekatnoye

Zharkain District

  • Derzhavinsk Town
  • Village Zernogradskoye
  • Village Pyatigorskoye

Korgalzhyn District

  • Village Arykty
  • Village Zhanteke
  • Village Karaegin
  • Village Korgalzhyn
  • Village Sabyndy

Shortandy District

  • Aul Bozaigyr
  • Settlement Zholymbet
  • Settlement Shortandy
  • Village Bektau
  • Village Damsa
  • Village Novokubanka
  • Village Petrovka
  • St. Karaadyr
Aksuskiy Zhansugurovskaya p.a. Zhansugurov
Aksuskiy Matayskaya p.a. Matay
Aksuskiy Koshkentalskiy s.o. Koltaban
Aksuskiy Kyzylagashskiy s.o. Kopaly
Aksuskiy Karashilikskiy s.o. Sagabuyen
Aksuskiy Suyksayskiy s.o. Suyksay
Alakolskiy Yrgaytinskiy s.o. Akshi
Alakolskiy Beskolskiy s.o. Bulakty
Alakolskiy Kabanbayskiy s.o. Kabanbay
Alakolskiy Zhaypakskiy s.o. Zhaypak
Alakolskiy Lepsinskiy s.o. Lepsinsk
Alakolskiy Gerasimovskiy s.o. Sapak
Alakolskiy Tokzhaylauskiy s.o. Tokzhailau
Alakolskiy Ushbulakskiy s.o. Ushbulak
Balhashskiy Bakanasskiy s.o. Bakanas
Balhashskiy Bakbaktinskiy s.o. Bakbakty
Balhashskiy Berekenskiy s.o. Bereke
Balkhashsky District Balatoparsky rural district Village Balatopar
Balkhashsky District Toparsky rural district Village Topar
Balkhashsky District Zhidelinsky rural district Village Zhideli
Balkhashsky District Zheltoranginsky rural district Village Zheltorangy
Balkhashsky District Koktalsky rural district Village Koktal
Balkhashsky District Karaoisky rural district Village Karaoi
Enbekshikazahskiy Shelekskiy s.o. Shelek
Enbekshikazahskiy Asinskiy s.o. Asy-Saga
Enbekshikazahskiy Oktyabrskiy s.o. Bayseit
Enbekshikazahskiy Malybayskiy s.o. Malybay
Enbekshikazahskiy Masakskiy s.o. Masak
Enbekshikazahskiy Masakskiy s.o. Nurly
Enbekshikazahskiy Karaturykskiy s.o. Taukaraturyk
Eskeldinskiy Karabulakskaya p.a. Karabulak
Eskeldinskiy im.Baktybaya Zholbarysuly s.o. Baktybaya Zholbarysuly
Eskeldinskiy s.o. Akyn Sara Akyn Sara
Eskeldinskiy Aldabergenovskiy s.o. Aldabergenovo
Eskeldinskiy Zhalgyzagashskiy s.o. Zhalgyzagash
Kapchagay   Kapchagay
Kapchagay Shengeldinskiy s.o. Shengeldy
Karatalskiy Ushtobinskaya g.a. Ushtobe
Karatalskiy Karashengelskiy s.o. Kalpe
Kerbulakskiy Saryozekskaya p.a. Saryozek
Kerbulakskiy Altynemelskiy s.o. Altynemel
Kerbulakskiy Basshiyskiy s.o. Basshi
Kerbulakskiy Zhaynak batyrskiy s.o. Zhaynak batyra
Kerbulakskiy Karashokinskiy s.o. Karashoky
Kerbulakskiy Kogalinskiy s.o. Kogaly
Kerbulakskiy Shanhanayskiy s.o. Koyankoz
Kerbulakskiy Shanhanayskiy s.o. Shanhanay
Kerbulakskiy Shubarskiy s.o. Shubar
Koksuskiy Balpykskaya p.a. Balpyk
Koksuskiy Algabasskiy s.o. Kyzyltogan
Koksuskiy Mukrinskiy s.o. Mukry
Koksuskiy Musabek s.o. Musabek
Koksuskiy Labasinskiy s.o. Talapty
Koksuskiy Aynabulakskiy s.o. Aynabulak
Koksuskiy Mukanshinskiy s.o. Koksu
Sarkandskiy Sarkandskaya g.a. Sarkand
Sarkandskiy Lepsinskaya p.a. Lepsy
Sarkandskiy Ekiashinskiy s.o. Ekiasha
Sarkandskiy Koilykskiy s.o. Koilyk
Tekeli   Tekeli
Zhambyl District Ulkenskaya Station Settlement Ulken
Baizaksky District Sarykemersky rural district Village Sarykemer
Baizaksky District Saztereksky rural district Village Abai
Baizaksky District Burylsky rural district Aul Buryl
Baizaksky District Zhalgyztobinsky rural district Aul Zhetybai
Baizaksky District Zhanaturmyssky rural district Aul Zhibek Zholy
Baizaksky District Zhanaturmyssky rural district Aul Tegistik (Sambet)
Baizaksky District Burylsky rural district Aul Kumzhota
Baizaksky District Zhanaturmyssky rural district Station Akchulak
Baizaksky District Myrzataisky rural district Village Myrzatai
Baizaksky District Tuimekentsky rural district Aul Tuimekent
Bayzakskiy Burylskiy s.o. Buryl
Bayzakskiy Zhanaturmysskiy s.o. Zhanaturmys
Kordayskiy Aukhattinskiy s.o. Aukhatty
Kordayskiy Karasuskiy s.o. Karasu
Kordayskiy Sortobinskiy s.o. Sortobe
Kordayskiy Karasayskiy s.o. Karasay Batyra
Kordayskiy Aukhattinskiy s.o. Kyzylsay
Kordayskiy Masanchinskiy s.o. Masanchi
Kordayskiy Karasuskiy s.o. Otegen
Merkenskiy Merkenskiy s.o. Merke
Merkenskiy Aktoganskiy s.o. Aktogan
Merkenskiy s.o. Andas batyra Granitogorsk
Merkenskiy Akaralskiy s.o. Akaral
Merkenskiy s.o.Andas batyra Andas batyra
Merkenskiy Asparinskiy s.o. Aspara
Merkenskiy Kenesskiy s.o. Kenes
Merkenskiy Oytalskiy s.o. Oytal
Merkenskiy Suratskiy s.o. Surat
Merkenskiy T.Ryskulovskiy s.o. T.Ryskulova
Merkenskiy Tattinskiy s.o. Tatti
Moiynkumskiy Moiynkumskiy s.o. Moiynkum
Moiynkumskiy Khantauskaya p.a. Khantau
Moiynkumskiy Zhambylskiy s.o. Zhambyl
Moiynkumsky District Mynaralsky rural district Village Mynyral
Moiynkumsky District Ulanbelsky rural district Village Ulanbel
Moiynkumsky District Akbakaiskaya Station Settlement Akbakai
Moiynkumsky District Aksuekskaya Station Settlement Aksuek
Moiynkumsky District Mirnenskaya Station Settlement Mirnyi
Moiynkumsky District Chiganakskaya Station Village Burubaital
Sarysuskiy   Zhanatas
Sarysuskiy Zhaiylminskiy s.o. Zhaiylma
Sarysuskiy Baikadamskiy s.o. Saudakent
Sarysuskiy Togyzkentskiy s.o. Togyzkent
Sarysusky District Turkestansky rural district Aul Turkestan
Sarysusky District   Industrial site 'Araltobe'
Shuskiy Tolebiyskiy s.o. Tole Bi
Shuskiy Shuskaya g.a. Shu
Shuskiy Alginskiy s.o. Alga
Shuskiy Eskishuskiy s.o. Belbasar
Shuskiy Birlikskiy s.o. Birlik
Shuskiy Birlikustemskiy s.o. Birlikustem
Shuskiy Dalakainarskiy s.o. Dalakaynar
Shuskiy Koragatinskiy s.o. Moiynkum
Shuskiy Baluan Sholakskiy s.o. Baluana Sholaka
Shuskiy Shokparskiy s.o. Shokpar
Talasskiy   Karatau
Talasskiy Kenesskiy s.o. Boltirik Sheshen
Talasskiy Akkolskiy s.o. Akkol
Talasskiy Kyzylautskiy s.o. Kyzylaut
Talasskiy Berikkaynarskiy s.o. Maytobe
Talasskiy Oiykskiy s.o. Oiyk
Talasskiy Shakirovskiy s.o. Shakirova
Talassky District Kaskabulaksky rural district Aul Kaskabulak
Talassky District Karatausky rural district Aul Essei bi
Taraz   Taraz
Turara Ryskulova Kulanskiy s.o. Kulan
Turara Ryskulova Kokdonenskiy s.o. Zhaksylyk
Turara Ryskulova Kumarykskiy s.o. Kumaryk
Turara Ryskulova Akyrtobinskiy s.o. Akyrtobe
Turara Ryskulova Abayskiy s.o. Enbekshi
Turara Ryskulova Ornekskiy s.o. Zharlysu
Turara Ryskulova Kogershinskiy s.o. Kogershin
Turara Ryskulova Leninskiy s.o. Lenin
Turara Ryskulova Lugovskoy s.o. Lugovoe
Turara Ryskulova Akyrtobinskiy s.o. Maldybay
Turara Ryskulova Terenozekskiy s.o. Terenozek
Zhambyl District Orneksky rural district Village Ornek
Zhambyl District Karatobinsky rural district Village Bektobe
Zhambyl District Aishabibisky rural district Village Aishabibi
Zhambyl District Grodekovsky rural district Village Grodekovo
Zhambyl District Kolkainarsky rural district Village Tastobe
Zhambyl District Kumshagalsky rural district Station Choldala
Zhambyl District Bessagashsky rural district Village Bessagash
Zhambyl District Bessagashsky rural district Village Turksib
Zhambyl District Asinsky rural district Village Assa
Zhambyl District Akbulymsky rural district Village Akbulym
Zhambyl District Jambylsky rural district Village Shaikoryk
Zhambylskiy Ayshabibinskiy s.o. Aishabibi
Zhualynskiy B.Momyshuly s.o. B. Momyshuly
Zhualynskiy Karasazskiy s.o. Karasaz
Zhualynskiy Nurlykent a.o. Nurlykent
Zhualynskiy Shakpakskiy s.o. Shakpak ata
Zhualynskiy Koshkarata s.o Koshkarata
Zhualynskiy Kurenbelskiy s.o. Kurenbel
Zhualynskiy Kyzylarykskiy s.o. Kyzylaryk
Beskaragayskiy Glukhovskiy s.o. Akkulsk
Beskaragayskiy Beskaragayskiy s.o. Beskaragay
Beskaragayskiy Semenovskiy s.o. Semenovka
Borodulihinskiy Zhezkentskaya p.a. Zhezkent
Borodulihinskiy Bel-Agachskiy s.o. Bel-Agach
Borodulihinskiy Borodulikhinskiy s.o. Borodulikha
Borodulihinskiy Dmitrievskiy s.o. Borovoe
Borodulihinskiy Bakinskiy s.o. Korosteli
Borodulihinskiy Novoshulbinskiy s.o. Novaya Shulba
Glubokovskiy Glubokovskaya p.a. Glubokoe
Glubokovskiy Kuybyshevskiy s.o. Bystrukha
Glubokovskiy Frunzenskiy s.o. Tarkhanka
Glubokovskiy Altaiskaya p.a. Altayskiy
Glubokovskiy Belousovskaya p.a. Belousovka
Glubokovskiy Verkhneberezovskaya p.a. Verkhneberezovka
Glubokovskiy Bobrovskiy s.o. Bobrovka
Glubokovskiy Veselovskiy s.o. Veselovka
Glubokovskiy Krasnoyarskiy s.o. Predgornoe
Glubokovskiy Sekisovskiy s.o. Sekisovka
Glubokovskiy Cheremshanskiy s.o. Cheremshanka
Katon-Karagaiskiy Zhambylskiy s.o. Rakhmanovskie Klyuchi
Katon-Karagaiskiy Urylskiy s.o. Uryl
Katon-Karagaiskiy Chernovinskiy s.o. Chernovaya
Katon-Karagaiskiy Bolshenarymskiy s.o. Bolshe-Narymskoe
Katon-Karagaiskiy Katon-Karagayskiy s.o. Katon-Karagay
Katon-Karagaiskiy Novokhayruzovskiy s.o. Novo-Khairuzovka
Katon-Karagaiskiy Novoberezovskiy s.o. Novoberezovka
Katon-Karagaiskiy Soldatovskiy s.o. Soldatovo
Katon-Karagaiskiy Solonovskiy s.o. Solonovka
Kokpektinskiy Kokzhaiykskiy s.o. Kokzhaiyk
Kokpektinskiy Kokpektinskiy s.o. Kokpekty
Kokpektinskiy Samarskiy s.o. Samarskoe
Kurchatov   Kurchatov
Kurchumskiy Kalzhyrskiy s.o. Kalzhyr
Kurchumskiy Kurchumskiy s.o. Kurchum
Kurchumskiy Terektinskiy s.o. Terekty
Ridder   Ridder
Ridder Ulbinskaya p.a. Ulba
Semey Shulbinskaya p.a. Shulbinsk
Shemonaihinskiy Kamenevskiy s.o. Rulikha
Shemonaihinskiy Shemonaikhinskaya g.a. Shemonaikha
Shemonaihinskiy Pervomayskaya p.a. Pervomaisky
Shemonaihinskiy Ust-Talovskaya p.a. Ust-Talovka
Shemonaihinskiy Verkh-Ubinskiy s.o. Verh-Uba
Shemonaihinskiy Vydrikhinskiy s.o. Vydrikha
Tarbagataiskiy Tugylskaya p.a. Tugyl
Ulanskiy Asubulakskaya p.a. Asubulak
Ulanskiy Bozanbayskiy s.o. Bozanbay
Ulanskiy Molodezhnenskaya p.a. Molodezhny
Ulanskiy Eginsuskiy s.o. Bursak
Ulanskiy Ablaketskiy s.o. Vasilevka
Ulanskiy Tolegen Tokhtarovskiy s.o. Gerasimovka
Ulanskiy Kamenskiy s.o. Kamenka
Ulanskiy Bagrationovskiy s.o. Privolnoe
Ulanskiy Tavricheskiy s.o. Tavricheskoe
Ulanskiy Targynskiy s.o. Targyn
Ulanskiy Eginsuskiy s.o. Ulanskoe
Zharminskiy Zharykskiy s.o. Zharyk
Zharminskiy Auezovskaya p.a. Auezov
Zharminskiy Georgievskiy s.o. Kalbatau
Zharminskiy Birlikshilskiy s.o. Koitas
Zyryanovsk   Zyryanovsk
Zyryanovskiy Novo-Bukhtarminskaya p.a. Dom otdykha Goluboy Zaliv
Zyryanovskiy   Serebryansk
Zyryanovskiy Zubovskaya p.a. Zubovka
Zyryanovskiy Novo-Bukhtarminskaya p.a. Novaya Bukhtarma
Zyryanovskiy Oktyabrskaya p.a. Oktyabrsky
Zyryanovskiy Pribrezhnaya p.a. Pribrezhny
Zyryanovskiy Paryginskiy s.o. Parygino
Zyryanovskiy Solovevskiy s.o. Solovevo
  Zhernovskiy s.o. Zhernovka
Burlinskiy Aksayskaya g.a. Aksay
Burlinskiy Burlinskiy s.o. Burlin
Burlinskiy Berezovskiy s.o. Berezovka
Burlinskiy Zharsuatskiy s.o. Zharsuat
Burlinskiy Zharsuatskiy s.o. Karashyganak
Burlinskiy Priuralny s.o. Priuralnoe
Chingirlauskiy Chingirlauskiy s.o. Chingirlau
Taskalinskiy Taskalinskiy s.o. Taskala
Taskalinskiy Dostykskiy s.o. Dostyk
Zelenovskiy Peremetninskiy s.o. Peremetnoe
Zelenovskiy Belesskiy s.o. Beles
Abayskiy Koksunskiy s.o. Koksun
Aktogaiskiy Saryshaganskaya p.a. Saryshagan
Aktogaiskiy Tasaralskiy s.o. Tasaral
Aktogayskiy Shashubayskaya p.a. Shashubay
Balhash   Balkhash
Balhash Konyratskaya p.a. Konyrat
Balhash Gulshatskaya p.a. Gulshat
Buhar-Zhyrauskiy Kushokynskaya p.a. Kushoky
Buhar-Zhyrauskiy Novouzenskiy s.o. Stan
Karazhal   Karazhal
Karazhal Zhayremskaya p.a. Zhayrem
Karkaralinskiy Karagaylinskaya p.a. Karagaily
Karkaralinskiy s.o.Nurkena Abdirova Zharly
Karkaralinskiy Karshigalinskiy s.o. Koktas
Karkaralinskiy Ugarskiy s.o. Matak
Nurinskiy Shubarkolskaya p.a. Shubarkol
Nurinskiy Korganzharskiy s.o. Karim Mynbaev
Priozersk   Priozersk
Satpaev   Satpaev
Shahtinsk Novodolinskaya p.a. Novodolinsky
Shetskiy S.Seyfullinskaya p.a. Seyfullin
Shetskiy Uspenskiy s.o. Uspenskoe
Shetskiy Krasnopolyanskiy s.o. Krasnaya Polyana
Ulytauskiy Borsengirskiy s.o. Borsengir
Ulytauskiy Ulytauskiy s.o. Ulytau
Ulytauskiy Zhezdinskaya p.a. Zhezdy
Ulytauskiy Karsakpayskaya p.a. Karsakpay
Ulytauskiy Korgasynskiy s.o. Korgasyn
Zhanaarkinskiy Atasuskaya p.a. Atasu
Zhanaarkinskiy Kyzylzharskaya p.a. Kyzylzhar
Zhanaarkinskiy Aktubekskiy s.o. Aktubek
Zhanaarkinskiy Aktubekskiy s.o. Atasu
Zhanaarkinskiy Eralievskiy s.o. Eralievo
Zhanaarkinskiy Karaagashskiy s.o. Intaly
Zhezkazgan   Zhezkazgan
Zhezkazgan Kengirskiy s.o. Kengirskoe
Altynsarinskiy Dokuchaevskiy s.o. Shokay
Altynsarinskiy Novoalekseevskiy s.o. Novoalekseevka
Altynsarinskiy Bolshechurakovskiy s.o. Bolshaya Churakovka
Altynsarinskiy s.o.Krasny Kordon Krasny Kordon
Altynsarinskiy Sverdlovskiy s.o. Sverdlovka
Altynsarinskiy Scherbakovskiy s.o. Scherbakovo
Auliekolskiy Auliekolskiy s.o. Auliekol
Auliekolskiy Timofeevskiy s.o. Timofeevka
Auliekolskiy Amankaragayskiy s.o. Amankaragay
Auliekolskiy Kushmurun p.a. Kushmurun
Auliekolskiy Novonezhinskiy s.o. Novonezhinka
Denisovskiy Prirechenskiy s.o. Prirechenka
Denisovskiy Denisovskiy s.o. Denisovka
Denisovskiy Ayatskiy s.o. Ayatskiy
Denisovskiy Tobolskiy s.o. Glebovka
Denisovskiy Pereleski s.o. Pereleski
Fedorovskiy Leninskiy s.o. Lenino
Fedorovskiy Vishnevy s.o. Vishnevoe
Fedorovskiy Kostryakovskiy s.o. Kostryakovka
Fedorovskiy Novoshumny s.o. Novoshumnoe
Fedorovskiy Fedorovskiy s.o. Fedorovka
Fedorovskiy Peshkovskiy s.o. Peshkovka
Kamystinskiy Karabatyrskiy s.o. Karabatyr
Kamystinskiy Altynsarinskiy s.o. Altynsarino
Kamystinskiy Gorkovskiy s.o. Adaevka
Kamystinskiy Sverdlovskiy s.o. Kamysty
Kamystinskiy Bestobinskiy s.o. Bestobe
Kamystinskiy Livanovskiy s.o. Livanovka
Kamystinskiy Pushkinskiy s.o. Pushkino
Kamystinskiy Arkinskaya s.a. Arka
Karabalykskiy Karabalykskaya p.a. Karabalyk
Karabalykskiy Boskolskiy s.o. Boskol
Karabalykskiy Kostanayskiy s.o. Nadezhdinka
Karabalykskiy Novotroickiy s.o. Kaerak
Karabalykskiy Toguzakskiy s.o. Toguzak
Karabalykskiy Smirnovskiy s.o. Smirnovka
Karasuskiy Koybagarskiy s.o. Koybagar
Karasuskiy Pavlovskiy s.o. Pavlovskoe
Karasuskiy Karamyrzinskiy s.o. Karamyrza
Karasuskiy Oktyabrskiy s.o. Oktyabrskoe
Karasuskiy Novopavlovskiy s.o. Novopavlovka
Karasuskiy Karasuskiy s.o. Karasu
Karasuskiy Chelgashinskiy s.o. Chelgashi
Kostanaiskiy Glazunovskiy s.o. Glazunovka
Kostanaiskiy Ozerny s.o. Ozernoe
Kostanaiskiy Vladimirovskiy s.o. Vladimirovka
Kostanaiskiy Sadchikovskiy s.o. Sadchikovka
Kostanaiskiy Zarechny s.o. Novoselovka
Lisakovsk   Lisakovsk
Mendykarinskiy Borovskoy s.o. Borovskoy
Mendykarinskiy Krasnopresnenskiy s.o. Krasnaya Presnya
Mendykarinskiy Vvedenskiy s.o. Vvedenka
Mendykarinskiy Lomonosovskiy s.o. Kaskat
Mendykarinskiy Borkovskiy s.o. Borki
Mendykarinskiy Kamenskuralskiy s.o. Aksuat
Mendykarinskiy Mikhaylovskiy s.o. Stepanovka
Mendykarinskiy Karakoginskiy s.o. Uzynagash
Rudny Kacharskaya p.a. Kachar
Sarykolskiy Sarykolskaya p.a. Sarykol
Sarykolskiy Barvinovskiy s.o. Barvinovka
Sarykolskiy Veselopodolskiy s.o. Vesely Podol
Sarykolskiy Zlatoustovskiy s.o. Zlatoust
Sarykolskiy Mayakskiy s.o. Mayak
Sarykolskiy Sevastopolskiy s.o. Sevastopol
Sarykolskiy Timiryazevskiy s.o. Timiryazevka
Taranovskiy Krasnoselskiy s.o. Krasnoselskoe
Taranovskiy Asenkritovskiy s.o. Bataly
Taranovskiy Asenkritovskiy s.o. Kyzylzhar
Taranovskiy Taranovskiy s.o. Taranovskoe
Taranovskiy Tobolskaya p.a. Tobol
Uzunkolskiy Baumanskiy s.o. Baumanskiy
Uzunkolskiy Kirovskiy s.o. Kirovskoe
Uzunkolskiy Novopokrovskiy s.o. Novopokrovka
Uzunkolskiy Rossiyskiy s.o. Taysoigan
Uzunkolskiy Troebratskiy s.o. Troebratsky
Uzunkolskiy Karl Marksskiy s.o. Sokol
Uzunkolskiy Presnogorkovskiy s.o. Presnogorkovka
Uzunkolskiy Uzunkolskiy s.o. Uzunkol
Zhitikarinskiy   Zhitikara
Zhitikarinskiy   Prigorodnoe
Zhitikarinskiy Milyutinskiy s.o. Milyutinka
Zhitikarinskiy Stepnovskiy s.o. Stepnoe
Zhitikarinskiy Tokhtarovskiy s.o. Chaykovskoe
Beineu Beineu s.o. Beineu
Beineu Tazhen s.o Tazhen
Beineu Akzhigit s.o. Akzhigit
Beineu Borankul s.o. Borankul
Beineu Syngyrlau s.o. Syngyrlau
Beineu Sarga s.o. Sarga
Aksu   Aksu
Aksu Evgenevskiy s.o. Evgenevka
Aksu Kalkamanskiy s.o. Kalkaman
Bayanaulskiy Maykainskaya p.a. Maykain
Bayanaulskiy Bayanaulskiy s.o. Bayanaul
Bayanaulskiy Shoptykolskiy s.o. Shoptykol
Ekibastuz Solnechnaya p.a. Solnechny
Ekibastuz Shidertinskaya p.a. Shiderty
Ekibastuz   Ekibastuz
Ekibastuz Kudaykolskiy s.o. Karasor
Maiskiy Baskolskiy s.o. Bozsha



Akkaiynskiy Smirnovskiy s.o. Smirnovo
Akkaiynskiy Ivanovskiy s.o. Ivanovka
Akkaiynskiy Cherkasskiy s.o. Cherkasskoe
Akkaiynskiy Kiyalinskiy s.o. Kiyaly
Akkaiynskiy Lesnoy s.o. Leninskoe
Akkaiynskiy Aralagashskiy s.o. Rublevka
Akkaiynskiy Tokushinskiy s.o. Tokushi
Ayrtauskiy Kamsaktinskiy s.o. Svetloe
Esilskiy Zagradovskiy s.o. Zagradovka
Esilskiy Korneevskiy s.o. Korneevka
Esilskiy Pokrovskiy s.o. Esil'skoe
Esilskiy Nikolaevskiy s.o. Nikolaevka
Esilskiy Yavlenskiy s.o. Yavlenka
Esilskiy Pokrovskiy s.o. Pokrovka
Kyzylzharskiy Nalobinskiy s.o. Nalobino
Kyzylzharskiy Kyzylzharskiy s.o. Chapaevo
Kyzylzharskiy Rassvetskiy s.o. Krasnaya Gorka
Kyzylzharskiy Peterfeldskiy s.o. Kondratovka
Kyzylzharskiy Svetlopolskiy s.o. Bajsal
Kyzylzharskiy Roschinskiy s.o. Beloe
Kyzylzharskiy Kuybyshevskiy s.o. Bogoljubovo
Kyzylzharskiy Vagulinskiy s.o. Vagulino
Kyzylzharskiy Dolmatovskiy s.o. Dolmatovo
Kyzylzharskiy Nalobinskiy s.o. Dubrovnoe
Kyzylzharskiy Novonikolskiy s.o. Novonikolskoe
Magzhana Zhumabaeva Sovetskiy s.o. Sovetskoe
Magzhana Zhumabaeva Chistovskiy s.o. Chistovskoe
Magzhana Zhumabaeva Poludinskiy s.o. Poludino
Magzhana Zhumabaeva Karagandinskiy s.o. Karagandinskoe
Magzhana Zhumabaeva Pisarevskiy s.o. Pisarevka
Magzhana Zhumabaeva Bulaevskaya g.a. Bulaevo
Magzhana Zhumabaeva Vozvyshenskiy s.o. Vozvyshenka
Magzhana Zhumabaeva Karakoginskiy s.o. Karakoga
Mamlyutskiy Novomikhaylovskiy s.o. Novomikhaylovka
Mamlyutskiy Mamlyutskaya g.a. Mamlyutka
Mamlyutskiy Andreevskiy s.o. Andreevka
Mamlyutskiy Belovskiy s.o. Chistoe
Shal akyna Krivoschekovskiy s.o. Krivoshhekovo
Shal Akyna Sergeevskaya g.a. Sergeevka
Shal akyna Yubileyny s.o. Belogradovka
Taiynshinskiy Roschinskiy s.o. Roschinskoe
Timiryazevskiy Timiryazevskiy s.o. Timiryazevo
Timiryazevskiy Dmitrievskiy s.o. Dmitrievka
Zhambylskiy Kayrankolskiy s.o. Kairankol
Zhambylskiy Kladbinskiy s.o. Kladbinka
Zhambylskiy Arkhangelskiy s.o. Arhangelka
Zhambylskiy Blagoveschenskiy s.o. Blagoveshhenka
Zhambylskiy Presnovskiy s.o. Presnovka
Arys G.A.   Arys town
Arys G.A. Bairkumsky s.o. Bairkum
Arys G.A. Zhidelinsky s.o. Zhideli
Arys G.A. Darmenisky s.o. Karazhantak
Arys G.A. Zadarinsky s.o. Zadariya
Arys G.A. Montaytassky s.o. Montaitas
Baidibek Kosakzharsky s.o. Chayan
Baidibek Koktereksky s.o. Kenestobe
Baidibek Agibetsky s.o. Agibet
Baidibek Algabassky s.o. Shakpak
Baidibek Bugun s.o. Ekpendy
Baidibek Zhambylsky s.o. Zhuzumdik
Baidibek Bugun s.o. Sarkyrama
Baidibek Zhambylsky s.o. Zhambil
Baidibek Boraldaysky s.o. Amansai
Baidibek Almalinskiy s.o. Almaly
Baidibek Almalinskiy s.o. Baidibek ata
Baidibek Mynbulaksky s.o. Kainarbulak
Baidibek Boraldaysky s.o. Boraldai
Baidibek Akbastausky s.o. Akbastau
Kazygurt Kazygurt s.o. Kazygurt
Kazygurt Sharbulaksky s.o. Kezenbulak
Kazygurt Zhigergensky s.o. Zhigergen
Kazygurt Rabat s.o. Rabat
Kazygurt Sharbulaksky s.o. Sharbulak
Kazygurt Turbatsky s.o. Turbat
Kazygurt Rabat s.o. Atbulak
Kazygurt Rabat s.o. Kyzyldala
Kazygurt Altyntobinsky s.o. Karzhan
Kazygurt Karabausky s.o. Syntas
Kazygurt Zhanabazarsky s.o. Zhanabazar
Kazygurt Zhanabazarsky s.o. Zhanatalap
Kazygurt Kyzylkiyansky s.o. Yntaly
Kazygurt Sharaphanansky s.o. Sharaphana
Kazygurt Kakpaksky s.o. Kakpak
Kazygurt Kyzylkiyansky s.o. Kyzylkiya
Kazygurt Zhanabazarsky s.o. Zhanazhol
Kazygurt Kyzylkiyansky s.o. Kyzylsengir
Kazygurt Altyntobinsky s.o. Altyntobe
Kazygurt Shanaksky s.o. Shanak
Kazygurt Zhigergensky s.o. Tesiktobe
Kazygurt Kokebelsky s.o. Maibulak
Ordabasy Tortkolsky s.o. Kyzylzhar
Ordabasy Karakum s.o. Karakum
Ordabasy Tortkolsky s.o. Tortkol
Ordabasy Zhenissky s.o. Zhenis
Ordabasy Bugun s.o. Bugun
Ordabasy Tortkolsky s.o. Enbekshi
Ordabasy Tortkolsky s.o. Spataevo
Ordabasy Karaaspansky s.o. Saryaryk
Ordabasy Karaaspansky s.o. Karaaspan
Ordabasy Badam s.o. Ordabasy
Ordabasy Kazhymukansky s.o. Temirlanovka
Ordabasy Kazhymukansky s.o. Amangeldi
Ordabasy Shubarsky s.o. Chubar
Ordabasy Kazhymukansky s.o. Koktobe
Ordabasy Kazhymukansky s.o. Kazhymuhan
Otrar Koksaraisky s.o. Koksarai
Otrar Shauldersky s.o. Shaulder
Otrar Kogamsky s.o. Talapty
Otrar Timursky s.o. Timur
Otrar Baltakolsky s.o. Baltakol
Otrar Mayakumsky s.o. Mayakum
Otrar Mayakumsky s.o. Akkum
Otrar Shiliksky s.o. Stary Shilik
Otrar Karakonyrsky s.o. Karakonyr
Otrar Aktobe s.o. Aktobe
Otrar Shiliksky s.o. Shilik
Otrar Hodzhatogaysky s.o. Hodzhatogay
Shardara   Shardara town
Shardara Kosseyitsky s.o. Kosseyit
Shardara Dostyksky s.o. Dostyk
Shardara Koksu s.o. Koksu
Shardara Akshengeldinsky s.o. Akaltyn
Shardara Zhaushikumsky s.o. Zhaushikum
Shardara Uzynatinsky s.o. Uzynata
Shardara Syutkentsky s.o. Syutkent
Shardara Tselinny s.o. Kazakhstan
Shardara Kyzylkumsky s.o. Kyzylkum
Suzak Kumkentsky s.o. Kumkent
Tolebi Akzharsky s.o. Akzhar