All the most necessary for a week

Starter package for being online and up to date on all matters

2 GB data

unlimited minutes on activ and Kcell

15 minutes calls to other KZ mobiles

20 onnet SMS

450 tenge

7 days

What is not covered by the tariff fee

Calls to KZ landlines

Offnet SMS (national)

Onnet MMS

18 tenge

14 tenge

7 tenge


Get online education comfortably at no extra cos!

Get access to ‘Unlimited Education’ package to enjoy unlimited use of educational websites of Kazakhstan. Access is provided upon collection of the regular tariff fee. To activate package, dial *812#.

Tap the link to view the list of educational websites approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan.

Access speed is limited to 1.5 Mbps

Note! In the below listed cases, unlimited use will not be provided and you will be using your data allowance from your tariff or data service, or a data add-on, if any is active on your account:

  • when using WhatsApp, ZOOM, Skype, Microsoft Teams and other messengers and video conferencing services, unless your tariff comes with unlimited data;
  • when downloading applications from Google Play, App Store;
  • when using other websites and clicking on banner ads;
  • when using technical traffic, private browsing mode, VPN channels, proxy servers, anonymizers.

Purchase a starter pack with Week+ as default tariff and activate SIM card.

Activate any time!

You can activate the tariff even if you have insufficient credit in your account. However, inclusive allowance will only be applied upon collection of the full amount of the tariff fee.

You can view your remaining allowance through My Activ app (available for download from Play Store, AppStore) or simply dial *111*3# on your phone.

Tariff fee is due once in 7 days between 00:00 and 02:00 Nur-Sultan time, provided you have sufficient credit. Inclusive allowance is renewed upon collection of the tariff fee. If the tariff fee could not be collected when due due to insufficient credit, you will be charged the following rates:

  • Mobile calls within KZ — 14 tenge/minute
  • Onnet SMS — 7 tenge/text
  • Data —14 tenge/MB

To enjoy uninterrupted service, please make sure you have sufficient balance in your account when the tariff fee is due.

For correct operation of the Internet traffic accrued, it is recommended to interrupt the current Internet session for 1-2 seconds: turn off mobile data or select «flight mode» and then resume using the Internet: turn on mobile data / turn off «flight mode».

If you run out of SMS, minutes or data and your current bill cycle has not expired yet, access to the respective service will be blocked.

To restore access to that service, use any of the methods listed below:

1) purchase an add-on (prices include VAT):

  • 1GB for 450 tenge. To purchase, dial *888*3*1*1#
  • 2GB for 650 tenge. To purchase, dial *888*3*1*2#
  • 30 Onnet SMS for 150 tenge. To purchase, dial *888*2*1#
  • 60 minutes to other KZ mobiles for 390 tenge. To purchase, dial *888*1*1#

To remove block and allow to charge overage rates during the entire period of tariff use, dial *325#ОК.

  • 14 tenge/minute of calls to other KZ mobiles
  • 14 tenge/MB
  • 7 tenge per onnet SMS

Click here to learn more about blocking.

The following services can be activated on Week+ tariff:

- One Year of Internet+

- Mobile Internet Plus

- Internet+

- Bonus Internet

- Online

There may be situations when the tariff fee has been collected but you are still charged the 14 tenge/mb rate (rate that applies when tariff fee is not paid). This is because the fee has been collected while you were engaged in an activate data session. To enjoy your renewed allowance, restart your phone or turn off Mobile Data on your phone and then turn it on again. 

The Conference Call service is not available on this tariff.