Talk with pleasure

Starting 10.04.2019, Conversation+ tariff no longer available for new subscriptions.

unlimited minutes on activ and Kcell

20 minutes to other KZ mobiles

225 SMS onnet

790 tenge

every 30 days

Price of other services

Data (MB)

Calls to KZ landlines (min)

SMS to other KZ mobiles

20 tg

15 tg

12 tg


Get online education comfortably at no extra cos!

Get access to ‘Unlimited Education’ package to enjoy unlimited use of educational websites of Kazakhstan. Access is provided upon collection of the regular tariff fee. To activate package, dial *812#.

Tap the link to view the list of educational websites approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan.

Access speed is limited to 1.5 Mbps

If you click the links to other websites or banner ads, or when using maintenance traffic, private browsing mode, VPN channels, proxy servers, anonymizers, you will be using the data allowance from your tariff or data add-on or a data service (if any is active on your account).

Starting 10.04.2019, Conversation+ tariff no longer available for new subscriptions.

Dial *111*3# or view your usage details through the My Aciv app (link to install app Play Store, AppStore)

  • Calls to KZ landlines: 15 tenge/minute
  • Data: 20 tenge/MB
  • SMS to other KZ mobiles: 12 tenge/sms
  • International SMS: standard rate
  • Onnet MMS: 7 tenge/mms
  • Always Available service: 0 tenge

Roaming: standard rates applicable on the date of service use, depending on the country visited and provider selected

The fee is collected once in 30 days between 00:00 and 02:00, Nur-Sultan time, subject to sufficient account balance. The inclusive allowance is only provided / renewed upon collection of the tariff fee. The inclusive allowance is not available for use while you are roaming internationally and will be lost if your switch tariffs.

If the fee was not collected when due due to insufficient funds in your account, the following rates will apply until the fee is paid:

  • - Onnet calls - 9 tenge/minute
  • - Calls to other KZ mobiles - 12 tenge/minute
  • - Onnet SMS - 7 tenge/text

Once the fee has been collected, inclusive allowance will be provided in full.


If you have used up your minutes or sms allowance, access to the respective services will be blocked.

To restore access to that service, use any of the methods below:

  • To remove block and allow to charge overage rates during the entire period of tariff use, dial *325#ОК. Overage rates (with block removed), Offnet mobile calls — 12tg/min; Onnet SMS — 7tg
  • To buy add-ons

Additional data packages

Type of pack

Activation cost,
tenge, incl. of VAT

for activation

1 GB



2 GB



Additional data packages conditions

Minutes add-on to other mobile operators

Package 60 minutes to other mobile operators of the RK for 390 tenge is available for activation subject to successful collection of the tariff fee.

USSD-command to activate – *888*1*1#


  1. Add-on is activated upon your payment of its price.
  2. Add-on is available for purchase, provided only that the tariff fee for the current bill cycle has been paid.
  3. Add-on is valid for 30 days from activation.
  4. Wait for the SMS confirming that the add-on you have chosen has been activated or simply dial *888*4*3#.
  5. The add-on minutes can be used for calling other KZ mobiles and are not valid for making calls to KZ landlines and international calls, as well as while roaming.
  6. You may purchase as many add-ons as you want. When several add-ons are activated at a time, add-ons expiring soonest will be used first.
  7. Any unused minutes will be lost upon:
    • – add-on expiration;
    • – termination of the mobile services contract.

Should you change your tariff, the minutes will be available for use until the expiration of your add-on. You will also be unable to purchase the add-ons.

If, after having purchased an add-on, you change your tariff to another tariff that comes with inclusive off-net national minutes, the minutes expiring soonest will be used first.

  1. Rates include VAT and are valid across Kazakhstan, within our network coverage area. Calls are billed in 1-sec increments. Data is billed in 1 Kb increments. Maximum call duration – 30 minutes.
  2. The MMS-Portal service is available to customers on this tariff, subject to activation of the MMS service: sending ММS to other KZ networks - 15 tenge per message; sending ММS internationally - 30 tenge per message.
  3. Roaming service is available outside the Republic of Kazakhstan and Company’s coverage area. When necessary, the Subscribers can turn off Roaming by texting NET to 3330 or texting DA to 3330 to turn it on again. Roaming can be turned on/off while in Kazakhstan only, within the Company’s network coverage area.
  4. The Conference Call service is not available on this Tariff.
  5. While you are engaged in the initial data session on 2G/3G network or when your mobile device registers on a 4G network, a certain amount of data will be automatically reserved from your data allowance. If you run out of data allowance – a certain amount of money will be charged to your account to ensure uninterrupted browsing. To find out more about data reservation, click here.

By continuing to use the service after your inclusive allowance has been depleted, you agree to be charged the overage rates.