With care for the subscribers with disabilities

Dear customer, we are pleased to inform you that the following rates will be reduced on the Osoby (Special) tariff, effective 10 January 2019:

  • Data — from 2 tg/MB to 0.5 tg/MB
  • Onnet calls — from 2 tg/min to 1 tg/min
  • Onnet SMS — from 2 tg/SMS to 1 tg/SMS

All other tariff terms and conditions remain unchanged. Osoby is a special tariff for the activ customers with disabilities: disabled persons of groups I and II, persons with hearing disabilities.

For subscribers with hearing disability, and also subscribers of 1,2 disability category

0 tg.

subscription fee



Onnet calls (min)

Calls to other KZ mobiles(min)*

Calls to KZ landlines(min)*

Onnet SMS

Offnet SMS(national)

0,5 tg

1 tg

2 tg

2 tg

1 tg

2 tg

*1-3 minutes during the day


This tariff has been specifically developed for customers with hearing impairment as well as for disabled persons of 1 and 2 disability groups

Submit a written request to Kcell office and provide a document confirming your disability.

Tariff can only be activated on one activ or Kcell number and you must be the registered owner of that number.

WARNING! If your tariff has an inclusive allowance, it will be lost once you change your tariff.

  • Data - 0,5 tenge/MB
  • Onnet calls - 1 tenge/minute
  • Calls to other KZ mobiles and landlines: 1-3 minutes during the day — 2 tenge/minute; from 4th minute — 9 tenge/minute
  • Onnet SMS - 1 tenge/sms
  • Onnet MMS - 2 tenge/mms
  • Offnet SMS (national and international) - 2 tenge/sms
  • Always Available service: 0 tenge

Roaming: standard rates applicable on the date of service use, depending on the country visited and provider selected

  1. Rates include VAT and are valid across Kazakhstan, within our network coverage area. Calls are billed in 1-sec increments. Data is billed in 1 Kb increments. Maximum call duration – 30 minutes.
  2. The MMS-Portal service is available to customers on this tariff, subject to activation of the MMS service: sending ММS to other KZ networks - 15 tenge per message; sending ММS internationally - 30 tenge per message.
  3. Roaming service is available outside the Republic of Kazakhstan and Company’s coverage area. When necessary, the Subscribers can turn off Roaming by texting NET to 3330 or texting DA to 3330 to turn it on again. Roaming can be turned on/off while in Kazakhstan only, within the Company’s network coverage area.
  4. While you are engaged in the initial data session on 2G/3G network or when your mobile device registers on a 4G network, a certain amount of data will be automatically reserved from your data allowance. If you run out of data allowance — a certain amount of money will be charged to your account to ensure uninterrupted browsing. To find out more about data reservation, click here.