Rollover Allowance applies to your included data allowance only

Starting 11 March 2017, customers on Comfort XS, Comfort S, Comfort M, Comfort L, Comfort XL, Active Boom+, Active Pro+, Active Boom and Active Pro tariffs will be able to carry over their data allowance remaining from previous month to the next 30-day bill cycle!

Switch to any of these tariffs to have access to your inclusive data allowance during 60 days.


The Rollover Allowance promotional is provided for FREE to all customers on Comfort 8, Comfort 10, Active Boom+, Active Pro+, Active Boom and Active Pro tariffs. No activation is required.

How it works

Any unused inclusive data allowance from your previous 30-day bill cycle will be carried over and added to your new data allowance, subject to payment of the tariff fee for the current bill cycle. Data that expires first will be used up first.

Note! This promotional offer does not apply to extra data packs.

Other conditions

This offer covers data allowance provided February 2017 that has not been used up before 11 March 2017.

This offer does not apply when customers switch from/re-activate Active Boom, Active Pro, Comfort 8, Comfort 10, Active Boom+, Active Pro+ tariffs, in which case any unused data allowance will be lost.

Offer is valid until 10 July 2018.

The Data Rollover special offer is extended until 02.08.18 on the following tariffs:
- Week +
- Comfort  XS, Comfort  S, Comfort  М, Comfort  L, Comfort  XL
- Active Boom
- Active Boom+
- Active PRO+