As of 17.12.2020, these tariff will no longer be available to new customers: Real Unlim S, Real Unlim M, Real Unlim L.
If you have activated a Real Unlim tariff before 17.12.2020, you will be able to stay on it until it is terminated by provider.

No data speed caps or limits.

In order to enjoy unlimited internet:

  • Terminate your current data session for 1-2 seconds, for that turn off Mobile Data or select the Airplane mode
  • Then turn on Mobile Data again or disable the Airplane mode.

Make sure your phone’s Access Point Name is set to internet.

The following factors can affect the data speed:

• characteristics of your device (phone, modem, smartphone, etc.). E.g., 2G network connection is enabled on your device instead of 3G/4G;
• your location is outside of the 3G/4G network coverage area;
• network congestion in your area;
• software restrictions imposed by the manufacturer of your device, as well as if power saving mode is enabled on your phone;
• urban terrain (dense urban development, buildings with thick walls, basement, etc.).

The any-net national minutes quota can be used to make onnet and off-net (other KZ mobiles and landlines) calls

To check remaining minutes quota:

  • Dial *111*3#
  • Via the My activ app
  • In your personal area at

What if I run out of my any-net minutes quota?

If you run out of your any-net national minutes quota, the following rates will apply until your next bill cycle starts:

  • Mobile calls - 14 tg/min
  • Landline calls - 18 tg/min

You can also purchase a minutes add-on ’30 minutes to all KZ mobiles for 210tg/30days’ by calling *888*1# (add-on is available provided you are current with your monthly plan payments).

  • Real Unlim S – dial *166*1*6# or text 6 to 166
  • Real Unlim M – dial *166*1*7# or text 7 to 166
  • Real Unlim L – dial *166*1*8# or text 8 to 166

You can also activate the plan from your personal area at or through My activ app or at Kcell/activ store.

If you have insufficient balance in your account to cover the plan fee, it will be activated but further usage will be charged based on the rates applied when the plan fee is not paid. Your any-net minutes quota will be renewed and access to unlimited internet restored upon collection of the regular plan fee.

ATTENTION! Any unused data/minutes allowance from your current plan will be lost once you switch to a Real Unlim plan.

The monthly payment (monthly fee) is first collected upon plan activation and then every 30 days between 00:00 and 02:00, Nur-Sultan time.

If the fee could not be collected when due due to insufficient funds in the customer’s account, unlimited internet and any-net minutes quota will not be available for use and will only be provided after the customer has topped up his phone any time after 02:00 with sufficient amount and the plan fee has been collected. To ensure the tariff fee is collected correctly, we recommend topping up your phone before 00:00 or after 02:00 (Nur-Sultan time).

The unlimited internet and minutes quota is valid for 30 days, including plan activation or payment due date, except while roaming, and will be lost if customer switches to a different plan.

To view the remaining minutes quota, days left till next due date, dial *111*3# or check it on My activ app or your online account.

Daily Package is activated when tariff fee is not paid when due:
Real Unlim S
600MB + free onnet calls for 150tg/day, or
100MB + free onnet calls for 70tg/day;

Real Unlim M
1GB + free onnet calls for 200tg/day, or
100MB + free onnet calls for 70tg/day;

Real Unlim L
1GB + free onnet calls for 200tg/day, or
100MB + free onnet calls for 70tg/day;

If account balance is sufficient to cover the cost of the Daily Package for 70 tenge and Daily Package for 150/200 tenge (depending on the tariff the customer is currently on), the Package with the highest face value and content is activated.
If customer has 70 or more tenge but less than 150/200 tenge in his account, Daily Package for 70 tenge is activated.

To check remaining data, dial *111*3#

If customer has minutes/data allowance from Daily Package, tariff or any other service, allowance expiring soonest will be used up first.

Daily Package is valid until 01:00am (Nur-Sultan time) of the next day. Daily Package is an integral part of the tariff and, therefore, cannot be deactivated.
The Daily Package price is collected daily between 00:00 and 02:00, Nur-Sultan time. If balance is too low to cover the Package price, it will be collected when customer tops up his phone with the amount to cover the cost of the respective Daily Package.

When customer tops up with the amount sufficient to cover the tariff fee, it will be collected and Daily Package deactivated. However, any unused data and minutes from the Daily Package will be available till the end of their validity period.

Daily Package is not activated on the first day after activation of the Super Comfort Promo tariff or starter pack purchase. The first attempt to activate the Package and collect its price will occur between 00:00 to 02:00 the next day, Nur-Sultan, if there are still not enough funds in his account to cover the tariff fee.

If Daily Package is used up or balance is not sufficient to pay the Daily Package price, the following rates will apply:

• National mobile calls — 14 tg/minute
• Landline calls — 18 tg/minute
• Data — 1 tg/MB

  • Onnet SMS and MMS — 7 tenge/SMS*/MMS
  • Offnet naitonal SMS — 14 tenge/SMS
  • Always Available — 0 tenge
  • Conference Call service is not available
  • Roaming — standard roaming rates applicable on the date of service use, depending on the country visited and provider selected

*You can buy an add-on ’30 onnet SMS for 150 tenge for 30 days’ by calling *888*2#.

All rates are shown in tenge inclusive of VAT and are only valid in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Billing increment: calls – 1 second, data – 1 KB.

If customer activates a data/voice/sms service with limited validity while on the Real Unlim plan, the data/minutes/sms expiring soonest will take priority and will be used up first. If unlimited internet is available for use (i.e. when all the plan conditions are met), any other data allowances from other services will not be used.

The Real Unlim plan is subject to fair use principles: everything to provide all of our customers with high quality service and prevent network disruptions.

If customer changes plans or Real Unlim is no longer available, he will be moved back to his previous plan, and such previous plan is not available – to any other pay-as-you-go plan, unless the law requires otherwise.

Company has the right to unilaterally review or amended these terms and conditions.