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Favorite Number

Starting 22.12.2017, the service will not be available for new activations.

No matter how many friends you have, there’s always one or more who are closest to your heart and whom you always want to be in touch with. With our Favorite Number service activ subscribers are able to enjoy unlimited calls to 3 Favorite Kcell/activ numbers!


  • The Favorite Number service allows subscribers to make free calls to their favorite numbers. Service is activated when at least one number is added to the Favorite Number list;
  • You can add up to three contacts to your Favorite Number list;
  • There is a 10 tenge daily fee*. It is fixed and does not depend on how many contacts you have on your Favorite Number list;
  • You can change your favorite number free once in 30 days. If you change your favorite number any time within those 30 days, there will be a charge of 99 tenge per number. The 30 day’ term starts from the date when a number is added to the Favorite Number list;
  • In order to change your favorite number, remove the number your want to replace from your list and add the new one;
  • There is no charge to remove favorite numbers from your list;
  • In order to terminate the Favorite Number service simply remove all numbers from your Favorite Number list;
  • Service is available to all activ customers.

* The 10 tenge daily fee is deducted from your account upon Service activation and then on a daily basis between 00:00 and 02:00, Nur-Sultan time. If the fee is not collected between 00:00 and 02:00 because you don’t have enough credit, you will need to top up any time after 02:00 to allow us to charge the fee and activate the service. If you fail to top up during 30 consecutive days, the service will be terminated. Until your account is topped up or in case you terminate the service, your calls to Favorite Numbers will be billed at standard rates for your price plan.


Use these controls to manage your Favorite Numbers

To access the Main menu:

  • Dial *946#OK on your mobile phone

To view your Favorite Numbers:

  • Dial *946*1#OK

To add a Favorite Number (Kcell or activ only):

  1. dial *946*2#OK, then
  2. enter your favorite number: e.g. 77021234567

To change your Favorite Number:

  1. Dial *946*3#OK
  2. enter the number you want to replace: e.g. 77021234567, and
  3. enter the new number

To remove a Favorite Number:

  1. Dial *946*4#OK, and
  2. enter the number you want to remove: e.g. 77021234567

To get more information on the Favorite Number service:

  • Dial *946*5#OK


You can use this service with all tariffs and additional services which offer free on-net calls. In this case, you will be charged for both Favorite Number and tariff/additional service fee.*

* These compatibility terms may be reviewed or amended by your network provider.

SMS bundles

Starting 31.12.2017, the SMS Packs service will not be available for new activations.

SMS bundles allow sending on-net SMS at incredibly cheap prices.


To activate a bundle:

1) Dial *888*2#OK on your phone and select the desired bundle.

2) Send a free SMS to 888:

50SMS or 50СМС — for «50 SMS»,

100SMS or 100СМС — for «100 SMS»,

300SMS or 300СМС — for «300 SMS»,

2000SMS or 2000СМС — for «2000 SMS»,

SMS70 or СМС70 — for «Unlimited Night SMS»,

25SMS or 25СМС — for «25 SMS for 60tg weekly».

To check your SMS bundle balance:

Dial *888*2*6#OK on your phone, or text «Bal» or «Бал» to 888. There is no charge to check your balance.


1. A standard text message has the length of up to 160 Latin characters and/or up to 70 Cyrillic characters.

2. The service is available on all Activ tariff plans and allows sending on-net text messages only. Service is not available in roaming.

3. Subscribers are charged a one-time service fee, which is withdrawn from their accounts after successful activation of the appropriate bundle. If ‘Unlimited Night SMS’ bundle is activated during nighttime hours (between 00 a.m. and 08 a.m.) the service will be available upon activation; if the bundle is activated during daytime hours the service will be available from 00 a.m. till 08 a.m. next day. All other bundles are available for use immediately upon activation.

4. After activation of ‘Unlimited Night SMS’, the service is automatically renewed for the next validity period until unsubscribed via *888*2*5*3#OK (free of charge).

5. SMS in a bundle are valid for the period of bundle validity. There is no compensation for unused SMS; any unused balance expires and does not roll over the next period.

6. You can activate a pack even if you already have an active pack on your account. If your new pack is similar to your current one, the new SMS allowance will be added to your remaining SMS balance and will be available to you until your new pack expires. If you activate different packs at a time, each will come with its own SMS allowance and validity period. If you activate Unlimited Nighttime SMS pack in addition to any other pack, you can use it to send texts between 00.00 am and 08.00 am, i.e. no other allowance will be used during this time).

7. The service will be terminated on the date of expiry of the last activated SMS bundle.

8. When the bundle expires or is exhausted, subscribers will be charged to send SMS at standard rates for their tariff plans.

9. If the subscriber is already using All in one S, All in one M, All in one L, All in one XL or All in one 49 tariff plan, SMS included in the tariff plan will be used first and then SMS included in the SMS pack.

10. ‘25 SMS for 60 tg for 7 days’ pack. The 60 tg fee (including VAT) is collected and 25 sms pack is applied upon service activation. After that, the fee is collected every 7 days between 00:00 and 01:00 (Nur-Sultan time). If no fee has been collected during that time due to insufficient balance, it will be collected once the subscriber tops up his/her account with sufficient amount and SMS pack will be renewed for the next 7 days. If no fee can be collected due to insufficient balance in subscriber’s account, the system will attempt to charge the fee (including at the top up time) until such time when the subscriber terminates the SMS pack by calling *888*2*4*3#OK (free of charge).


PackPack price (in tenge)*Price per SMSPack validity period
25 SMS for 60tg for 7 days 60 2,4 7 days. Renewed every 7 days upon collection of the 60 tg fee
50 SMS 200 4 30 days, non-recurring pack
100 SMS 300 3 30 days, non-recurring pack
300 SMS 600 2 30 days, non-recurring pack
2000 SMS 3000 1,5 30 days, non-recurring pack
Unlimited nighttime SMS 70 - Night hours — 00.00 till 08.00 of the next or current day

Balance Control

Starting 31.12.2017, the Balance Control service will not be available to new customers.

The Balance Control service allows you to view your last voice call charge immediately after call is terminated as well as get information on your current account balance. This is an effortless way to control your mobile expenses.


The call charge and balance related information is sent to the customers via Flash SMS (with sound played for new messages) or push USSD (with no sound played) upon termination of each successful chargeable voice call (including collect calls, international calls, off-net calls and calls to chargeable short numbers).

Service does not cover SMS, data and other services.

  • Service is available to roaming customers when they are making calls.
  • If Subscribers are making calls using bonus airtime provided as part of any other service, the call charge and balance related information is not provided.
  • If, while making a call, Subscriber has an open Internet session, then due to technical specifics the updated balance information provided under this Service may not reflect data charges for that open session.

Attention! Some phones may play sound for new push USSD messages. Customers may not always receive push USSD messages while roaming internationally.


  • There is a daily fee of 1 tenge (VAT included) to use this Service.
  • Fee is deducted uon Service activation and subsequently on a daily basis between 00:00 and 02:00 Nur-Sultan time, subject to availability of sufficient funds in the Subscriber’s account.
  • Service remains active even if the fee was not collected.


Dial *181#OK to manage your Balance Control service. Use the following controls to:

  • *181*1#OK disable Service;
  • *181*2#OK — get information on Service fee;
  • *181*3#OK — get Service details.

Voice SMS

Starting 31.12.2017, Voice SMS service will be terminated.

With our Voice SMS service you will be able to send your text message to all mobile and landline numbers in Kazakhstan and it will be read out to the recipient.


1) To send voice SMS to any local mobile number, send your text message to 6060. First, type in the recipient’s number in the text field using the pattern below (no spaces): 8ХХХХХХХХХХ, +7XXXXXXXXXX. Then add a space and type your message.


To: 6060

Text field: +7775ХХХХХХХ Hello!

2) To send voice SMS to any local landline number, use one of the two methods shown below. When sent to a landline number, your SMS will be converted to a voice SMS and read out to the recipient upon delivery.

Method 1 — Send voice SMS to 6060 short code:

To: 8727ХХХХХХХ or +7727XXXXXXX

Text field: Hello!

Method 2 — Send voice SMS to landline number directly:

To: 6060

Text field: 8727ХХХХХХХ or +7727XXXXXXX Hello!


Your voice SMS will be read out to the recipient free of charge.

The service is not available while roaming. You will also unable to send voice SMS internationally.

The system will try to deliver your Voice SMS during three time periods:

First period, or during the first 15 minutes — 4 attempts to reach the recipient;

Second period, or during 2 hours — 4 attempts to reach the recipient;

Third period, or during 20 hours — 20 attempts to reach the recipient;

No attempts to reach the recipient will be made from 8 p.m. to 9 a.m. during the Second and Third periods.

A standard SMS has 160 Latin characters or 70 Cyrillic characters.


You will be charged 25 tenge (including VAT) to send a voice SMS to any landline or mobile number in Kazakhstan.

The recipient will receive a call from the system and after answering it will hear the sender information and how he/she can listen to the voice SMS.

SMS e-mail

Starting 31.12.2017, SMS E-mail service will be terminated.

Using Short Message service you have possibility to send small text messages (up to 160 symbols) to other Activ or Kcell subscribers and GSM subscribers all over the world. It makes no difference whether the mobile phone is switched on or off, or it is busy, the message sent will be transmitted to the subscriber anyway.


To active the service the subscriber needs to send DA text to number 400.

Subscriber is automatically assigned with personal e-mail address in format, where XXXXXXX — 7-symbol mobile number of the subscriber.

To send e-mail message from mobile phone the subscriber needs to send short message to number 400 with the following text: name@domainmessage text.

To send a short message to mobile phone of Kcell subscriber it is necessary to send a letter or, where XXXXXXXX — 7- symbol mobile number of the subscriber.


Commands to prevent spam:

Send text NET to number 400 — sms to email service is disconnected.

Send text BLOCK to number 400 — White list mode is activated — mobile phone will receive mail selected by subscriber only.

Send text ALL to number 400 — Open mode is activated — mobile phone will receive all mail.

Send text ADD name@domain to number 400 — Address is added to white list.

Send text DEL name@domain to number 400 — Address is deleted from white list.

Send text CLEAR to number 400 — White list is clear.


SMS sending to number 400 — 7 tenge, VAT inclusive.

SMS receipt from number 400 — 7 tenge, VAT inclusive.

Collect SMS

Starting 31.12.2017, Collect SMS service will be terminated.

If you have run out of airtime and need to send a SMS urgently, use our Collect SMS service. With Collect SMS service, the 7 tenge charge for your text will be paid by its recipient, subject to his/her consent. Service is available to all activ® and Kcell subscribers.

For sender

Dial 000 before the recipient’s number, e.g.:

  • 00077ХХХХХХХХХ
  • 00087ХХХХХХХХХ

For recipient

You got a Push USSD-request promoting you to accept a collect SMS. If the Push USSD session has expired before you gave consent, you will receive a SMS saying that «77ХХХХХХХХХ asks you to pay for this SMS — 7 tenge. Reply «1» to accept a collect SMS or «2» to reject it.

If you do not want to receive Collect SMS requests from some of your contacts or want to receive them from your friends only, use the Black and Friends lists.

If the sender’s number is on your Friends List, you will be receiving collect SMS requests from this contact without additional notifications.

  • To add contact to the Friends List, text «A(space)F(space)77ххxxxxxxx» to 2363 (example: A F 7701xxxxxxx).
  • To remove contact from the Friends List, text «D(space)F(space)77ххxxxxxxx» to 2363 (example: D F 7701xxxxxxx).
  • To delete your Friends List, text «D(space)F(space)0» to 2363 (example: D F 0).
  • To view contacts on your Friends List, text «L(space)F» to 2363 (example: L F).

If the sender’s number is on your Black List, you will not be receiving collect SMS requests from this contact.

  • To add contact to the Black List, text «A(space)B(space)77ххxxxxxxx» to 2363 (example: A B 7701xxxxxxx).
  • To remove contact from the Black List, text «D(space)B(space)77ххxxxxxxx» to 2363 (example: D B 7701xxxxxxx).
  • To delete your Black List, text «D(space)B(space)0» to 2363 (example: D B 0).
  • To view contacts on your Black List, text «L(space)B» to 2363 (example: L B).


Sender — free.

Recipient — 7 tenge per SMS*.

Managing Friends/Black lists — free.

* Including VAT.

Charge is fixed, regardless of the recipient’s tariff, SMS bonus, activated SMS Pack or text length.


Service is not available to the subscribers of other mobile networks. Collect SMS can be sent to one recipient (Kcell, activ®) at a time.

Service is not available while roaming.

Service can be used when the sender has insufficient/runs out of balance and the recipient has enough balance to cover the SMS charge.

Number of collect SMS is limited to 70 per day.

Access to service will be temporarily suspended for one hour/day for senders whose collect sms requests have been rejected/left unconfirmed by the recipient 5 times during one hour or 20 times during the day.

7 tenge will be deducted from the recipient’s main balance, provided the recipient has sufficient account balance (prepaid customer) or credit limit (postpaid customer).

Video Portal

With Video Portal service you will be able to enjoy popular TV shows and programs, music videos and a huge selection of children, entertaining, educational programs and videos on your smartphone or tab wherever there is access to Wi-Fi or internet connection. Just subscribe to your preferred category and watch your favorite programs!

Subscribe once to get access to the service from any of your devices, be it a smartphone, tablet or PC.


  • New
  • Popular
  • Movies
  • Series
  • Best from TV
  • Cartoons
  • Entertainment
  • Sport
  • Picanto
  • History in detail
  • Holiday (title may vary depending on the holiday: New Year, March 8, Nauryz, April Fools’ Day, Knowledge Day, etc.)


Starting 20.02.2018, subscription to Videoportal service will be closed.


Daily fee per category is 30 tenge daily including VAT. The fee is deducted from your mobile account when you get an SMS from 707 number.

Premium+ subscription includes all categories except for ‘History in detail’. Premium+ subscription fee is 45 tg daily, incl. VAT. The fee is deducted from your mobile account when you get an SMS from 707 number.

Premium subscription includes all categories. Premium subscription fee is with 90 tg daily subscription fee, incl. VAT. The fee is deducted from your mobile account when you get an SMS from 707 number.

There are no other charges, except daily fee, to use the Videoportal.

The fee is deducted from your mobile account between 09:00 and 00:00, Nur-Sultan time, when you get an SMS from 707 number. Access to service is provided for 24 hours after the successful charging.

Activ subscribers: Daily fee is deducted upon subscription to the service and then on a daily basis, subject to sufficient account balance. If daily fee could not be collected because you had insufficient funds in your account, service will be suspended. Once you top up your account and the fee is collected, the service will become available to you.

Kcell subscribers: Daily fee is deducted upon subscription to the service. Access to the Videoportal content is provided against payment of the daily fee. If daily fee could not be collected because you had insufficient funds in your account (prepaid customer) or exceeded your credit limit (postpaid customer), access to outgoing calls, including Videoportal service, will be blocked. If the fee could not be collected within 7 to 30 days after outgoing calls blocking, access to incoming calls, including Videoportal service, will be blocked as well. The fee will be charged until incoming calls are blocked.

From 08.07.2016, the terms of collection of daily fee will change as follows: the full amount of daily subscription fee will be collected upon service activation, subject to sufficient account balance to cover the fee. If daily fee could not be collected due to low balance, service will be suspended. When subscriber tops up with sufficient amount, the fee will be collected and service become available in full scope. When topping up the balance a sufficient amount of subscription price will be charged in full and the service will be provided in an appropriate volume. The scope of Video Portal services will not be available to subscriber with zero balance (for prepaid subscribers) and when the credit limit is run out (for postpaid subscribers) being used for access to Mobile Internet services.


To unsubscribe from the service, text Стоп (Stop) to 707.

Please, send your queries regarding the service to us at or Details —

* Service is provided by Mobile Content factory OOO — an independent provider that provides Kcell and activ subscribers access to various entertainment and information services through Video Portal. Provider is liable for the content of service as well as quality and timely delivery thereof. Provider is fully liable to Operator, third parties and subscribers for a failure to comply with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including law on communication, licensing and license agreements, patent law, intellectual property rights, copyright and related rights.

Check-in Bonus

Enjoy roaming!

Dear customers!
This is to inform you of termination of the Check-in Bonus service, effective 22.10.2018. If you have booked a hotel for a period after the termination date will not be eligible for a bonus.
Follow this link to find out more about our add-ons services for roamers.

Planning an overseas trip? With Check-in Bonus program from activ you will enjoy and benefit from your trip! Use only this link to book a hotel and get a bonus from activ — 3% off your hotel booking.

For more info, call 239 (from Kazakhstan only).

  1. Book a hotel through
  2. Enter your mobile number in the relevant field using the format: +7XXXХХХХХХХ, for the bonus to be applied to that account. In case of wrong number format you won’t get bonuses

Bonus is applied on your move-in day (after you have checked-in) in tenge in the amount of 3% of your booking charges, rounded up to nearest whole number. Amount of the bonuses forms in the booking creation day at by the rate of National Bank of RK. The maximum amount of bonuses is 15 000 tenge per mobile number per booking, including individual income tax.

Applying of the bonuses in check-in day happens for the very first and not cancelled booking.

Bonus is valid for 30 days from application and can only be used for mobile services while roaming: calls, sms and data. Bonus is used up first and cannot be used to call short numbers and premium destinations.

To check your remaining Check-in Bonus, call *503*3# or send a non-blank sms to 5031.

The Surfing service will be cancelled, effective May 1.

If you are an active data roamer then this offer is what you need!

Purchase one of our 7-day data packs under ‘Surfing’ service and surf the web worry-free when roaming in 30 countries. Check out Countries section for full list of participating states.

Data Pack

Price (activation charge)

Overpack rate till the end of its activity


200 МB

2 900 ₸

49  ₸


7 days

500 МB

4 900 ₸

1 GB

7 900 ₸

Do not forget to turn on Internet in your phone’s settings when roaming.

Service is available to activ customer when roaming in the following counties


Hong Kong














China (excluding Taiwan)


Ukraine (excluding Crimea)

Czech Republic


United Kingdom


Republic of Korea

United States


Russian Federation (excluding Crimea)





Service is activated for 7 days. Only one data pack can be purchased at a time. Any unused data is lost and standard data roaming rates apply (vary by roaming provider).

Data pack price is collected upon its activation. Pack is not activated when you have insufficient account balance to cover the price.

Before leaving Kazakhstan, make sure that Roaming service is active on your account. To activate, call *145*1# or text DA to 3330. Roaming service is activated only while in Kazakhstan.

Service is not available to customers who have the *Around the World service active on their account. When Surfing is activated along with Super Roaming additional service, your data usage will be billed based on the Surfing rates. When data pack is used up, the Super Roaming rates will apply, subject to payment of the Super Roaming fee. This condition may be reviewed by Company.

Internet traffic under the Service accrued during an active Internet session will not be valid. In such cases it is recommended to interrupt an active session and resume using the Internet after the data allowance is renewed.

How to activate

  • Call *177*1# and follow the menu prompts. Wait for confirmation message.

You can check if you have roaming services active on your account by dialing *145*4# or through virtual consultant on Telegram / WhatsApp.

Surfing is activated provided only the Roaming service is active on your account.

For balance check *177*3#

Not all of our roaming partners support activation/deactivation of services when roaming via USSD. Other reasons may include outdated SIM card and temporary network failure. We, therefore, recommend you activate the services you need while in Kazakhstan, that is before you go abroad.

In case of unsuccessful automatic registration in the partner’s network, you should select the dual network mode and operator’s roaming manually in the phone settings, details:

How to deactivate

  •  Call *177*2# and follow the menu prompts. Wait for confirmation message.

In case of roaming deactivation this additional service will be deactivated too.

In countries other than those covered by this offer, standard data roaming rates will apply or rates applied under any additional service that are active on your account. Rates vary roaming provider.

Service is available for use provided only the Roaming service is turned on. Once you reach ‘zero’ balance, you will be disconnected from Roaming service and access to ‘Surfing’ additional service will be suspended until you top up your account and Roaming service is activated again.

Information about campaign can also be received by free 2929 number. Call to this number is only available in Kazakhstan.