Kcell and activ +7 701 ХХХ ХХ ХХ, +7 702 ХХХ ХХ ХХ,
+7 775 ХХХ ХХ ХХ, +7 778 ХХХ ХХ ХХ
Kazakhstan landlines +7; city code; number
International landlines
and landlines in visited country
+ country code; city code; number
All other
mobile numbers
+ country code; network code; number
Voicemail +7 701 200 01 00

For balance check You can dial *111#  and press "YES"/"SEND". In a short while the number of counters left will be displayed on your cellular's screen. You can have the number of your counters left after each call you made or messages sent.

You can top up the balance using the bank cards on or the bank cards of Kazkommertsbank on You can also prepurchase the instant payment cards and effect payments through their use. To activate the card dial *110*XXXXXXXXXXX#  (X - numbers of voucher code).

Balance replenishment in Russia:

  • Now, while roaming in Russia, you can easily recharge your mobile account or any other Kazakhstani Kcell or activ account via QIWI e-top up terminals! There are more than 120 000 QIWI terminals throughout Russia! Account recharge is made in Russian Rubles at the exchange rate of QIWI Bank (Russia). The exchange rate will appear on the screen of your QIWI terminal as you pay.

Balance top up in roaming is also possible with the following services

  • The roaming service is disabled at zero balance therefore; we recommend to continuously maintain the positive balance.
  • Considering that call divert in roaming is charged according to the Mobile Originated and Terminated Call’s roaming rates (depending on the country), you are recommended to disable call divert to KZ numbers or voice mail using ##002#  combination. If this does not work out, disable call divert feature in your phone settings.
  • Being in the border areas of Kazakhstan, disconnect the roaming service. Do not forget: roaming rates differ from those in Kazakhstan.
  • In order to control your traffic expenses, you are recommended to disable the apps auto update (Android, iPhone) and Wi-Fi assist (iPhone), detailed instructions can be found in the section «For smartphone owners».
  • Attention! Number dialing format while roaming: + country code; city or network code; phone number, e.g.  +7 727 2588 000, where +7 KZ country code (calls to call centers are free of charge from roaming). If you dial 8 instead of +7, connection will be set up via a satellite provider with the cost 3 950 KZT per minute.
  • If you plan the long-term trip abroad, you should consider that in some countries your handset will stop to operate after two or more weeks of stay in this country. Evidently this is a consequence of the fact that to prevent smuggling and theft of mobile handsets, the legislation of these countries provide for the need to register the handsets in the offices of local cellular operators (including on paid basis), otherwise the unregistered phone ceases to be served in their networks. You can find online or in travel agencies if your host country is on the list of such countries.
  • Not all of our roaming partners support activation/deactivation of services when roaming via USSD. Other reasons may include outdated SIM card and temporary network failure. We, therefore, recommend you activate the services you need while in Kazakhstan, that is before you go abroad.
  • Don not forget to turn off the service on your return in Kazakhstan.
  • When customer is using data roaming service, airtime equivalent of 1MB of data will be reserved to ensure uninterrupted data roaming. More info on internet tariffs in roaming:
  • To use internet in roaming do not forget to turn on Internet in your phone’s settings itself when roaming.
  • Dear customers! This is to notify that the MMS service will no longer be available to you when roaming, starting 01.09.2019.

You can check if you have roaming services active on your account by dialing *145*4# or through virtual consultant on Telegram / WhatsApp. You can activate roaming and also resolve the issues (only in case of successful registration)related to problems in roaming through Telegram application.

Telegram bot link:

Attention! Authorization is required!

  1. Request a temporary password: *245# from the phone.
  2. Enter the bot command: set your number (format: + 77XXXXXXXXX) temporary password (see point 1).

Example: set +77012345678 1234

In case of unsuccessful automatic registration in the partner’s network, you should select the dual network mode and operator’s roaming manually in the phone settings, details: