Surfing – data roaming packs

The Surfing service will be cancelled, effective May 1.

If you are an active data roamer then this offer is what you need!

Purchase one of our 7-day data packs under ‘Surfing’ service and surf the web worry-free when roaming in 30 countries. Check out Countries section for full list of participating states.

Data Pack

Price (activation charge)

Overpack rate till the end of its activity


200 МB

2 900 ₸

49  ₸


7 days

500 МB

4 900 ₸

1 GB

7 900 ₸

Do not forget to turn on Internet in your phone’s settings when roaming.

Service is available to activ customer when roaming in the following counties


Hong Kong














China (excluding Taiwan)


Ukraine (excluding Crimea)

Czech Republic


United Kingdom


Republic of Korea

United States


Russian Federation (excluding Crimea)





Service is activated for 7 days. Only one data pack can be purchased at a time. Any unused data is lost and standard data roaming rates apply (vary by roaming provider).

Data pack price is collected upon its activation. Pack is not activated when you have insufficient account balance to cover the price.

Before leaving Kazakhstan, make sure that Roaming service is active on your account. To activate, call *145*1# or text DA to 3330. Roaming service is activated only while in Kazakhstan.

Service is not available to customers who have the *Around the World service active on their account. When Surfing is activated along with Super Roaming additional service, your data usage will be billed based on the Surfing rates. When data pack is used up, the Super Roaming rates will apply, subject to payment of the Super Roaming fee. This condition may be reviewed by Company.

Internet traffic under the Service accrued during an active Internet session will not be valid. In such cases it is recommended to interrupt an active session and resume using the Internet after the data allowance is renewed.

How to activate

  • Call *177*1# and follow the menu prompts. Wait for confirmation message.

You can check if you have roaming services active on your account by dialing *145*4# or through virtual consultant on Telegram / WhatsApp.

Surfing is activated provided only the Roaming service is active on your account.

For balance check *177*3#

Not all of our roaming partners support activation/deactivation of services when roaming via USSD. Other reasons may include outdated SIM card and temporary network failure. We, therefore, recommend you activate the services you need while in Kazakhstan, that is before you go abroad.

In case of unsuccessful automatic registration in the partner’s network, you should select the dual network mode and operator’s roaming manually in the phone settings, details:

How to deactivate

  •  Call *177*2# and follow the menu prompts. Wait for confirmation message.

In case of roaming deactivation this additional service will be deactivated too.

In countries other than those covered by this offer, standard data roaming rates will apply or rates applied under any additional service that are active on your account. Rates vary roaming provider.

Service is available for use provided only the Roaming service is turned on. Once you reach ‘zero’ balance, you will be disconnected from Roaming service and access to ‘Surfing’ additional service will be suspended until you top up your account and Roaming service is activated again.

Information about campaign can also be received by free 2929 number. Call to this number is only available in Kazakhstan.