Around the World

Roaming is more affordable than you think! Activate your personal roaming package!

Around the World 500MB is a service that allows you to purchase 500MB of data and 20 minutes to receive calls, make calls to Kazakhstan and within a visited country for 20 days.

The around the World 1B service lets you purchase 1GB and 20 minutes to receive calls, make calls to Kazakhstan and within a visited country for 20 days.

The service is available in 56 countries. For a full list of countries, check out the Countries section.

How to activate

  • Dial *381*1# and follow the menu prompts.

Dial *145*4# or ask your virtual consultant on Telegram / WhatsApp to get information about additional roaming services that are active on your account.

The service fee is collected in full upon its activation. After payment, wait for the confirmation of activation. To use the service, you need to activate the Roaming service first.

  • To check balance, dial *381*3#

You can only activate one pack at a time. You cannot activate more than one Package of the same type at a time. To renew a Package, you need to cancel your current one.

Not all of our roaming partners support activation/deactivation of services when roaming via USSD. Other reasons may include outdated SIM card and temporary network failure. We, therefore, recommend you activate the services you need while in Kazakhstan, that is before you go abroad.

In case of unsuccessful automatic registration in the roaming partner’s network, select dual network mode and roaming operator manually in your phone settings details.

To deactivate service:

  • Dial *381*2# and follow the menu prompts.

Wait for confirmation of service deactivation. Service will be deactivated automatically once Roaming is turned off.


Incoming calls, calls to Kazakhstan and within a visited country


Rate per MB/min applied when package is used up

Package validity period

500 MB

20 minutes

1 990 ₸

49 ₸

20 days

1 GB

20 minutes

3 990 ₸

49 ₸

20 days

To check remaining MB/minutes, dial *381*3#

SMS roaming – see our standard rates.

Service is available to activ customers while roaming in the following countries

Armenia Georgia Maldives Spain
Austria Germany Malta Sri Lanka
Azerbaijan Greece Moldova Sweden
Belarus Hong Kong Mongolia Switzerland
Belgium Hungary Netherlands Tajikistan
Bulgaria India Norway Thailand
Canada Indonesia Poland Turkey
China (excluding Taiwan) Iran Portugal UAE
Croatia Israel Republic of Korea Ukraine (excluding Crimea)
Czech Republic Italy Russian Federation (excluding Crimea) United Kingdom
Denmark Japan Saudi Arabia USA
Egypt Kyrgyzstan Serbia Uzbekistan
Estonia Latvia Singapore Vietnam
Finland Lithuania Slovakia
France Malaysia Slovenia

In countries other than those listed above, customers will be charged based on standard voice/SMS/data roaming rates or additional services, if any is active on his/her account, depending on the destination and provider selected.

The package is valid for 20 days from activation and expires at 23:59 Nur-Sultan time of the 20th day. After that any unused allowance will be lost and standard roaming rates will start to apply.

Once your data and minutes package is used up, the 49 tenge/MB/min rate will apply through the end of the package validity period.

As part of the service, you can purchase one 300MB data add-on for 1050 tg by dialing *381*1*3#. Once the data add-on is activated, new data will be added to the data allowance remaining from the Package. Activation of the data add-on will not extend the term of the Around The World package, i.e. the add-on will expire together with the Package.

After the expiration of the Package, the standard roaming rates will start to apply, which vary by country where you roam.

Data allowance provided while customer is engaged in an active data session will not be available for use until he/she terminates the session. In this case, they are recommended to close an active session and start it again after the new data has been applied.

The Package price is collected upon its activation, provided there is sufficient balance in the customer’s account.

Before going abroad, make sure you have activated the Roaming service. To activate, dial *145*1# or text DA to 3330. Service is activated while in Kazakhstan within our network service area.

Service requires that customer activate the Roaming service first. When you reach a zero balance, access to the Roaming service and to the Service will be suspended. Access to the Service will be resumed after you top up your account.

Calls to countries other than those listed above as well as calls to Kazakhstan and within a visited country are billed based on the standard roaming rates. Service is not valid for calling premium rate and satellite destinations.

These compatibility conditions may be changed or amended by Company.