«Promo 500» starter pack


From 04.09.2017 to 31.12.2018


Content of SP «Promo 500MB» — initially loaded «Starter» tariff plan plus welcome bonus of 500MB for a period of 7 days from the date of accrual.

Upon each balance top-up for the amount of at least 500tg at a time, bonuses of 500MB internet traffic are accrued to the subscriber within 4 weeks from the activation of the subscriber number.

The validity period of the accrued bonus 500Mb internet traffic is 7 days from the moment of accrual.

Bonus internet traffic may not be used while roaming.

Upon accrual of the next bonus internet traffic for balance top-up the validity period of previously accrued and unused internet traffic is extended for the next 7 days, the amount is summed up.

After the expiry of the accrued bonus internet traffic, the unused bonus internet traffic is canceled.

When the subscriber changes the activated «Starter» tariff plan, the terms for accruing the bonus internet traffic shall cease to exist. In this case all previously accrued bonus internet traffic is valid according to the terms of SP.

Compatibility terms of welcome bonus and bonus internet traffic with other services:

Upon subscriber’s activation of one of the additional internet services «Annual Internet +», «Internet +», «Online», the internet traffic with a shorter period of validity is used first of all.

Upon activation of tariff plan with the condition of providing internet traffic, the internet traffic with a shorter period of validity is used first of all. When welcome bonus and bonus internet traffic, and also the traffic of tariff plan are used up, the mobile Internet will be charged according to the terms of the tariff plan.

Subscriber fee on the tariff plan is debited from the balance of the subscriber in full amount upon connection to the tariff plan and then every day from 00:00 to 02:00 by the time of Nur-Sultan, if there is a sufficient positive balance. If at the time of connection of the tariff plan on the balance of the subscriber, there are not enough funds to pay the subscription fee, the tariff plan will be connected, while the tariffs for services will be charged at tariffs as if the subscriber fee is not charged according to the tariff plan.