Terms and conditions
Under the contract, the Company shall transfer the device to the customer after the latter has made the upfront payment and first monthly payment.

The signing of contract is subject to the customer’s high credit score (the credit check is carried out based on the Company’s solvency criteria). Eligible customer can only purchase one phone on a contract and will be required to pay the full retail price outright for the other phone, if he wants to buy two or more phones.

The contract phone comes with Basic+ as default tariff and a services bundle. To change the tariff, customer must submit a written request to that effect.

The bundles include a certain amount of minutes, SMS and data and are renewed every 30 days (30-day allowance) after the customer has paid the regular monthly payment under the contract. Once the allowance is used up, customer will be charged the standard rates for the respective service for the Basic+ tariff. Customer will be charged separately for the services not included in their bundle at the rates in effect as of the date of use.

The 30-day allowance is available with any positive balance in the customer’s account. Unused allowance does not rollover into the next 30-day period (bill cycle). The 30-day allowance will not be provided / renewed, if customer fails to make the monthly payment for that month.

While on a contract, customer will not be able to activate any other data services. To check available allowance, customer should dial *123*3*2# or *111*3#. Customer is responsible to monitor their data usage and allowance renewal. Company does not compensate customers for any data charges incurred in excess of their inclusive allowance or before it is renewed, except when it fails to timely notify customers that their inclusive allowance has been used up.

Warranty maintenance

The warranty period for a Subscriber terminal is 12 (twelve) calendar months of signing of the Subscriber Terminal Handover Act (the Act). Warranties are available on the web-site of the manufacturer.

Should any defects in a Subscriber terminal be found after signing the Act, a Subscriber must apply to the recommended by the Operator Authorized Service Center (addresses of authorized service centers are available on the web-site of the Operator and the warranty card).

Unlimited non-chargeable access to Youtube + WhatsApp + Instagram + Facebook + VKontakte + Odnoklassniki+ Telegram + IMO
Customers who activated the offer earlier will be able to continue to enjoy free access to these websites and socials through the end of their contract term!

Unlimited free use of Youtube+ WhatsApp+Facebook+VKontakte+Odnoklassniki+Telegram+IMO+Instagram is provided to the activ customers on Contract_2, Contract_3, Contract_4, Contract_5, Contract_6, Bundle_airpods_6s, Bundle_airpods, Bundle_airpods_wireless_6s, Bundle_airpods_wireless, S10_lite_bundle_cover, S10_s10_plus_bundle_cover, S10_bundle_watch upon payment of regular contract phone payments.
To opt out of the offer, dial *201#.
Dial *201*3# to check if offer is activated on your account.

Unlimited free access to the said social media is provided when the following conditions are met:

1. you have made regular monthly payment for your contract phone package;

2. you have more than 0KB of unused data allowance on your account (after deduction of all reserved data). The amount of data reserved in accordance with the reservation rules (see activ.kz) is not counted as unused data allowance for the purpose of the promo offer;

3. you are using the latest version of the apps for iOS and Android

Customer will be using the data allowance from the ‘contract phone’ bundle and then data add-on (if any) and then (when both data allowances are used up) will be charged the data overage rates for their tariff in the following cases: when you use browsers, get push notifications (including event notifications from social networks), automatic software updates or other apps running in the background, using links to other resources, downloading apps from Google Play or App Store, when using the private browsing mode, when using a smartphone as modem, VPN channels, proxy servers, anonymizers, InstagramStories and Live Broadcasts аnd Whatsapp, Telegram, IMO calls.

Non-chargeable access is valid from the moment the customer activates the promo offer (subject to compliance with the above conditions) till the next bill cycle starts. When monthly payment is not collected, non-chargeable access to the said social media will be suspended and restored upon collection of the full amount of monthly payment. The promo offer and non-chargeable access to social media expire on 27.02.2020.

Non-chargeable access to the said social media is canceled upon termination of the contract term. Promo offer is not available while customer is roaming.

Data speed is limited to 1.5 mbps.

There will be a separate reservation of Internet traffic when customer accesses the above social media using the promo offer (see reservation rules at activ.kz).

Priority: data allowance provided under the promo offer will take priority over data add-ons (if any), when both allowances are used up – data allowance from the ‘contract phone’ bundle will be used.