Parking and toll roads

Pay your parking fees in Almaty with your phone’s airtime. It’s fast, easy and safe:

  • send a text message to 7757 as follows: number of parking lot*plate number*parking hours
    For example: 1001*А111ААА*1, 1001*123ААА02*3

To extend your parking session:

  • send a text message to 7757 as follows: Хadditional hours
    For example, to add 2 more hours, you should text: Х2
To terminate your parking session:
  • text S or С to 7757
    Money for unused parking time will be returned to your parking account.

The Paid Parkings in Almaty service is provided by RR2 LLP.

To pay for toll roads with your activ cell phone airtime:

  • Text ХХХ проезд YYYYYYYY to 5505
    X amount you wish to top up your account with,
    проезд service identifier; you can also use proezd, жолақы, жолакы, zholaky or passage instead
    Y number plate of your vehicle and also your cell phone account
    For example: 100 proezd 123AAA02
  • In response, you will receive a request for confirmation from 5505.
  • Confirm payment by sending 1 in response to the confirmation request.
  • The indicated amount and a commission will be deducted from your cell phone account.
  • You will receive a SMS confirming payment and transaction ID.

You may want to top up with an amount that covers multiple passages, for example: 1000 proezd 123AAA02, in which case you don’t need to send SMS every time you enter the toll road.

You can also use the portal to make a top up using your activ cell phone airtime.

Commission for topping up your account with NC KazAvtoZhol JSC using your cell phone airtime is 1.5 percent of the top up amount.

Service is not available for corporate customers.